The Civil War Letters of Forrest Little: The Letters

Date Place    Quote
October 3 & 6, 1861 Chain Bridge/Camp Advance "I went over to Middlebury & enlisted in the 5th Reg Vermont Volunteers Col. Smalley"
October 16, 1861 Camp Griffin "I am to work in the cook tent now it is no fool of a job[;] cook and wash the dishes for one hundred men"
October 22, 1861 Camp Griffin "we dont get our pay untill the first of next month   when I do get it I will send it home"
November 10, 1861 Camp Griffin "I drawed up the old gun and fired    I see him drop and supposed I had killed him..."
November 23, 1861 Camp Griffin "I some times wish I was at home where I could be sure of a good bed every night... "
November 29, 1861 Camp Griffin "some of our men are building under ground houses    they build them in this manner..."
December 2, 1861 Camp Griffin "so father you may look out for the news of a gallus old fight pretty soon"
December 29, 1861 Camp Griffin "I want to tell you something private"
January 6, 1862 Camp Griffin "butter is 35 cents a pound and very poor at that    the small papers of tobacco that you have to pay 3 cents for is 6 cents here"
January 21, 1862 Camp Griffin "I cant get a stamp for love nor money it is not a possible thing"
February 1, 1862 Camp Griffin "There aint a day passes but what 2 or 3 deserters from the Rebels army comes through our lines"
February 7, 1862 Camp Griffin "there is plenty of Rot gut in our Regiment but God knows I will keep my promise to my mother..."
February 13, 1862 Camp Griffin "I had a very narrow escape to day"
February 16, 1862 Camp Griffin "I tell you Father it will be a blood fight and if I should happen to fall I should like to be carried home..."
February 21, 1862 Camp Griffin "Three cheers for the Red white & blue. Death to all Traitors."
March 4, 1862 Camp Griffin "By thunder I don't want to go home without having a good fight"
March 7, 1862 Camp Griffin "General Brooks is as cross as thunder he swears worse than old hamelen ever thought of swearing"
March 20, 1862 Camp near Clouds Mills "I was on the field of Bull Run the other day it was an awful looking place"
April 11, 1862 Yorktown, VA "I have slept but 6 hours out of 48"
April 17, 1862 Yorktown, VA "oh my God that was the awfelest sight that I ever saw in my life"
May 2, 1862 Camp Winfield Scott "Papers seem to think that this war will be over in a couple of months"
May 22, 1862 Camp near the Chickahominy "Father if I live through the battle of Richmond I shall be to home just as soon as that battle is over"
July 8, 1862 Camp near James River "now Father dont fret your self for me"
July 17, 1862 Madison, Iowa "I sit down this morning to write to you, not knowing whether you are in the land of the living or not."

November 29, 1861

Captain E.S. Stowell's Letter

Camp Griffin "..the report is Bank's Div. is crossing the river."