Transcription of the Diary of Edward Hill, February 27, 1864 - March 27, 1864

Edwin Booth as Richelieu

Saturday, February 27

In Baltimore

Sunday, February 28

Went to the Fort with Mrs. M to see Dress Parade    went to church in the morning with the widow.

Monday, February 29

Went with Mr & Mrs M Mr. & Mrs Teal(?) and the widow to see Mrs Bowers in East Lynne. Lady Isabel and Madam Vine(sic)--pleasant time

Tuesday, March 1

Left B    for Washington called at Hospital   Directors not in

Wednesday, March 2 [Washington]

Called as referred to Dr. Antiselle met Dr Townsend introduced to Dr Smith set me all right and commenced treatment.

Thursday, March 3

Thursday a note from Madam Houseright she having arrived from New York- with the intent(?) to call upon Saturday.

Friday, March 4

Met Lieut [Wm W.] Gage at the Dr's and changed my boarding place to Capt Slaters.

Saturday, March 5

damp to day with some rain. Went to see Edwin Booth in his great character of Richelieu Saw for the first time my friend Mrs. Housewright sent around a Bouquet in the afternoon    Going to see Booth as Richard III to night.

Sunday, March 6

Passed last evening with Madam H, went to church to day with Miss Slater, called on Mullen (?) in the afternoon

Tuesday, March 22

Called on Mrs. Wells- visited in evening with Kate Adelina    God bless her

Wednesday, March 23

Letter from Capt Partridge. a pleasant visit this afternoon with Madam

Thursday, March 24

Went in open carriage with Madam to Fords    Saw [Edwin] Forrest in Richelieu

Friday, March 25

Loaned 20$ from Wells. Played billiards. Went with Wells to see Forrest as Damon at Fords.

Saturday, March 26

Stormy to day. a good visit with K Adelina. Made Easter party with Mrs. Wells this evening-

Sunday, March 27


Sent notice of 10 days to the Adj Gen'l of the army and to the Rgm't. a sunset walk in the evening with Madam Adelina. A letter from her in the afternoon A supper at night with Capt Caslon    wrote to Col Welch and Capt Kay.


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