Transcription of the Diary of Edward Hill, July 8, 1864 - July 27, 1864

House near Ft. Stevens, DC showing damage from Early's attack

Friday, July 8

Quite comfortable. Passed the day agreeably. Mr. Wells and a number of others called. William Gildersleeve from 40 NY.

Saturday, July 9

Rec’d leave of absence for Thirty days dated from the 7th inst. Lieut Surat (?) left for front to day. Wrote to Col. Welch & Dr. Everett.

Sunday, July 10

The city filled with strange rumors of engagement. The Rebels are a coming is the Report. Troops are busy marching and counter-marching.

Monday, July 11

The excitement on the increase. a proclamation hourly looked for calling upon all the citizens to take up arms. Washington appears to be the real point of attack having only made a diversion on Baltimore -

Tuesday, July 12

Stores closed. Citizen soldiers in arms. The streets filled with marshall (sic) men. The Rebels in full upon the 7th Street Road. Communications cut between Washington and Baltimore and B. & Philadelphia.

Wednesday, July 13

Every thing looks warlike here, but the old 6th Corps is on hand. I feel safe when I look upon the Greek cross their Badge-   The old and valliant have I not fought beside them [?]

Thursday, July 14

Skirmishing has ceased and the Army of Breckinridge and Brad Johnson is on the back track again left alone and feel dispirited and dull

Friday, July 15

The day is dull nothing new. Am seeing that Jack is in a whining(?) way. My lady friend and attendant God bless her she always has been true to me   Not much news every thing quiet paid ½ months rent 23$

Saturday, July 16

Dry as usual. Lieut Lane called upon me and took dinner with Madam and employ(?) Every thing passed off pleasantly.    Johnny is getting better slowly Had an Army dinner prepared by Jack.

Sunday, July 17

Warm    went around to Madam Houseright this morning took dinner with her and passed the day pleasantly. Walked for the 1st time leaning upon the shoulders of Jack and Carter from the Hospital. walked back

Monday, July 18

Letter from Baldwin who says no help in the country offering from 250 to 3H for hands through harvest(?)   Madam sick to day called upon her in the evening found her quite low. Walked around for the 2nd time    Proclamation for 500000 men.

Tuesday, July 19

Beautiful morning not enough rain in two months to wet the Earth one inch. I go for a ride this evening-

Tuesday, July 26

Unwell to night. This in consequence of taking too much exercise    Pvt Ludelle blanket etc    for Lieut Kiletts paid for him 20$ to date.

Wednesday, July 27

Feel rather better this morning


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