Transcription of the Diary of Edward Hill, June 26, 1864 - July 7, 1864

General and Mrs. Custer

Sunday, June 26

Very warm, little shower in the afternoon wrote to Mother and Col. Welch Mr. Holgland, Jim Agnew(?) called in the evening-   Painfull(?) this afternoon.

Monday, June 27

Feel better to day. letters from Capt Partridge Ann Augustin Mrs Tyler SC Forsythe    last night a man suffering with the delirium tremens rambling through the ward tearing things as he went.

Tuesday, June 28

A bit of a shower the air feels cooler from it. Expect am safe in saying that I am gaining slowly

Wednesday, June 29

Cool    nothing new    letters from home. A good visit from the Madam has procured me a room.

Thursday, June 30

Pleasant. Lieut Lane moved to his new quarters to day    I enjoyed rooms at No 299 F Street    Lieut Ellsworth + friend Capt Ridley Billy Wiggins. Mrs. Gen Custer and many others called to see me

Friday, July 1

Awakened by the patterings of a refreshing shower this morning.

Saturday, July 2

Moved today. Took carriage at 11 o clock down to Davis’s for shoes 7.50 to Stephen for Hat 1.75- to Wall Stephens for Cot(?) drawers + others(?) 3.50 to Willards for shoes   took Room at 2. Madam came around at once.

Sunday, July 3

At my new quarters like them much-  Madam passed the day with me. Few visitors. Quite home-like it is   never passed a happier day in my life  a letter from Capt Partridge

Monday, July 4

Went out of my room. Madam H. spent the day with me taking breakfast and dinner. spent the day happily. Major Jewell called Capt Beckwith Capt Rodgers of the 83d   Every thing quiet to day.

Tuesday, July 5

Dont feel well to day at all suffering from nervous excitement took too much breakfast. How commonplace every thing is becoming in my Diary  nothing of interest to note apparently

Wednesday, July 6

Cool morning but hot through the day. Felt eassy (sic) and passed the day pleasantly. took breakfast alone   dinner with M   Agnew called in the evening   Package of Papers from Wiggins. News of the capture of the Allabama (sic)

Thursday, July 7

No entry


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