Transcription of the Diary of Edward Hill, May 9, 1864 - May 14, 1864

Battle of the Wilderness

Monday, May 9

Charged at 6 and carried the enemies line after an awful struggle. Cost many men. A Rebel Col with a brigade advanced to our Colors stretching them and thrusting the shaft(?)    we took him prisoner    we lost quite a number of good men    the Adgt [Jacklin] killed or prisoner. Colestock and Sieger of my Co. each a leg broken. Skirmishing all the day

Tuesday, May 10

Fighting still continues. A hard fight to day. The 16 in the Rifle Pits in front    a hot fire all day. Corpl N Dennison and Private White of my Co wounded. Gen Russell of the 6th Corps took 3000 prisoners and 18 pieces of cannon    I believe all is going well

Wednesday, May 11

7th day of the fight, will it bring rest. The old 16th in the Rifle Pits again – much strengthened last night. Sharp firing and some shelling all day—suffered a thousand narrow escapes. Bivouwacked at 10 o clock. Arise at one and marched rapidly to the left of our lines-

Thursday, May 12

A terrible battle raging 10 o clock A.M. we have captured about 6000 prisoners and between 30 and 40 pieces of cannon. Still the battle terrifically rages. When will the end come. The Army massed on the left. The slaughter wonderful. our wounded reaches 22000.

Friday, May 13

Slept on the battle field last night. Arose early & moved to our right. The enemy fallen back from the left. The Rebs still occupy the ridge in our front. Some fighting and shelling to day-   We sent off a mail pallet first to day since the campaign opened.

Saturday, May 14

Rained all night. Marched 7 miles through the mud last night to the left   Joined Burnsides forces. Skirmishing all day. Mud knee deep raining all day by showers. Things wear a more gloomy appearance to day   shelled by the enemy at night    the 6th Corps Batteries shelled the hill on our left.


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