Book a Study Room

Library Study Rooms



How to Make a Reservation:

  • Please make your reservation using our online reservation system. Spaces are available during Library open hours.

  • Choose an individual study room or group study room.

  • Chose a time you would like to reserve, beginning and ending (reserve up to four hours for summer 2021, two hours per reservation in Fall 2021). 

  • You will receive an email once your booking is confirmed.

  • Check-in for your reservation and pick up your key at the Service Desk. If you are in a group study room, please have one other member of your group with you when you check-in. 

  • Questions? Call us at (925) 631-4229 or email

  • Cleaning supplies are available on each floor if needed.


Study Room Guidelines:

  • Study Rooms are open to any SMC students needing individual or group study space. Unfortunately, rooms are not available for faculty and staff.

  • All rooms must have an active reservation for use. Drop-ins are welcome if rooms are available, but all users must book rooms through the online room reservation system. 

  • Study Rooms may be reserved in hour increments up to four hours for Summer 2021 and up to two hours in Fall 2021.

  • Students may only have one active room reservation at a time.

  • If a group/individual student fails to appear within 15 minutes of the reserved time, Library staff can cancel the reservation, and another group can book the room. 

  • Back-to-back/ multiple reservations during the same day may not be allowed during busy times of the semester. In addition, these reservations may be canceled by library staff if rooms are in high demand.

  • Reservations can be made up to 7 days in advance by current SMC students, with bookable time ranging from 1-4 hours in the summer and up to 2 hours in the fall. 

  • Dry-erase markers and erasers are available for checkout at the Library Service Desk.


Things to remember :

  • Do not leave the room unattended.

  • Study Room keys may not leave the Library.

  • Students are responsible for the condition of the room. Therefore, please clean your study area, dispose of any trash, and leave the room in good condition for the following user(s).

    • Erase whiteboards after use, and return markers to the Service Desk.

    • Please do not move the tables and return chairs to their original place.

  • Study Rooms are not soundproof.  Maintain reasonable noise levels and keep the door closed to prevent noise from leaving the room.

  • “No Shows” forfeit their reservations after 15 minutes

  • Rooms include a flat-screen monitor, DVD/VHS player, whiteboard/chalkboard, and a table with a chair (students should bring their own whiteboard markers or chalk). 

View our Floor Plans to see where your room is located.


For more information, visit the Library Service Desk or call (925) 631-4229, chat with us, or email: