Writing in the Discipline

What can the librarian do to help you with the WID requirement?

As part of the new core curriculum, a “Writing in the Discipline” course is designated in each department. This course requires a library-based information literacy component. How information literacy is framed and covered in the course is dependent on the discussion between faculty and the librarian.

Subject Librarians will assist faculty in the creation of assignments that will meet the Information Evaluation and Research Practices portion of your course, and will provide hands-on workshops in the Library’s Instruction facility (Wildenradt Theater)    

Information Evaluation and Research Practices

  1. Develop search strategies and use library catalogs and databases to find relevant material 
  2. Critically evaluate sources 
  3. Integrate and cite evidence appropriately 
  4. Understand the concept of intellectual property and practice academic honesty

Where Will the Library Session Be?

The Library has one instruction room: the Wildenradt Theater, on the second floor of the Library. The room seats up to 30, and includes 20 computer stations. WiFi is available for students who choose to use their own laptop or tablet computers. We also have a set of 15 iPads with which we can conduct instruction sessions in the Library Conference Room, on the first floor of the Library. It is strongly prefered that the library session take place in the Library so that students become familiar with the facility, services, and staff.  

Citation Style Guides

Download the Library's quick guides to MLA, APA, Chicago, ASA, and AAA styles.

Library Statement for Your Syllabus

Please include the following blurb in your syllabus:

Ask a librarian!

Need library sources but don't know where to start? Searching for a book, article, or data to inform your argument? Not sure how to cite a source in your bibliography? Ask a librarian!

Research help is available in person at the Reference Desk, by phone at 925-631-4624, and during reference hours you can even text a librarian at 925-235-4762 or chat with us live via the Library's website. Check the Library’s Ask Us page for details. (http://www.stmarys-ca.edu/library/ask-us)

Extended assistance by appointment is also available with [insert name and contact info for your department's librarian here].

*Can't copy/paste in your browser? Scroll to the bottom of this page to download the syllabus statement as a Word document.

WID Information Literacy Presentation

"Building Blocks of IERP" Prezi

Watch the Library's presentation on information literacy and what it means for your WID course, presented at the WID Faculty Development Workshop, June 2014:

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