The towering weather predictors mutter
I heard them long ago some dream
some sputter of electroradiomagna

Cast shadow
Cast a net

In the teachings of the elders there were actually five
directions, the fifth being center. Center as a place
to go. A point in relation to the other spreading corners.

Quickly the lighthouse is an island
The sea its own weapon
He uses the stars to steer them

Like Hades in his river. No stranger to the movement
of the masters. An ear to the war.

Cast matter
Then forget

Earth and Demeter are interchangeable for our purposes.

There are people who believe they will live forever. It has to
do with the breath. Making it circular. There are people
who search for a cure. It has to do with undoing. Making it pure.

He's lost now. And it's getting darker. If earth is north
is the way home.

Each season has a face.
It looks like you It's made of God.

Kristen Alina Sbrogna MFA '04 runs the Lunch Poems reading series at UC Berkeley and teaches poetry at Oakland Fine Arts Summer School. Her work has recently appeared in Blank Canvas, The Portland Alliance, and The Berkeley Poetry Review. She taught a course in 2009 January Term entitled "Introduction to Permaculture: Food, Water, Shelter and Energy Systems for the Future."