International Lasallian University Leadership Program (ILULP) (Faculty)

This program is designed to promote understanding of and commitment to Lasallian partnership and the development of spiritual life.

"If I had to use one word to describe the mission experience of going to Rome, it would be zeal" -Raina Leon on traveling to the International Association of Lasallian Universities in Rome

Sponsor: International Association of Lasallian Universities (IALU)

International Lasalilian University Leadership Program (ILULP)

The International Lasallian Leadership Program, which occurs every summer at Casa La Salle in Rome, is an intensive two-week immersion program for faculty leaders from around the globe concentrating on Lasallian history and Catholic spirituality. IALU institutions are invited to send teams of 3 faculty members who, after completing the program, will serve as on-campus catalysts to foster Lasallian charism and Catholic identity within our institutions. Participants form a dynamic community of learners who will receive instruction in the Lasallian heritage, participate in daily prayers and spiritual direction, visit significant historic sites, examine core Institute documents, and commit to a project which advances their school's Lasallian mission.

This program has been developed in response to the needs of higher education faculty and to the call from the International Institute for tertiary education to become involved in researching the effects of new forms of poverty—poverty resulting from global emigration, immigration, war, disease and family disintegration—on the students we teach, and the implications for Lasallian educators. With simultaneous bilingual translations in English and Spanish, multinational participants will hail from many different Lasallian institutions around the globe. The rich international nature of is formation program will strengthen the quality of exchange among participants.

Location: Casa La Salle, Generalate of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, Rome, Italy

Dates: June 6-18