Vandhu-Paaru (Come and See)

An International ImmersionProgram for Brothers and Lasallian PartnersVandhu-Paaru is an immersion program in India designed for faculty and staff to live in community with the Brothers while serving fellow Lasallians.

"My mission education experience has very directly influenced my teaching back at Saint Mary's College." -Cynthia Ganote on her trip to the brothers' school in Sri Lanka

An International Immersion Program for Lasallian Educators with sites including India, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar.

These immersion experiences offer participants one of the most profound means of Lasallian formation available, through direct work with the poor in the spirit of the Lasallian tradition. Faculty and staff live with the Brothers and offer fundamental services such as teaching English and offering assistance in building schools.

Application deadline Feb. 5

Locations: India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar

Dates: June 19-July 15, a preparation orientation will be held on April 16

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