Institute for Administrators in Catholic Higher Education (IACHE) at Boston College (Administrators)

Administrators-Only Opportunity

Each July, the Institute for Administrators in Catholic Higher Education hosts a four-day seminar providing a singular opportunity for administrators and leaders at Catholic colleges and universities around the globe to interact with some of the nation’s most outstanding scholars and practitioners as they address issues that Catholic higher education faces on a daily basis. A sample of issues the seminar strives to address is:

*What does it mean to be a Catholic college or university in the 21st century? *How do we animate a Catholic campus culture? *What role does the Catholic intellectual tradition play to inform curriculum and intellectual life? *What defines the nature of the relationships and the appropriate practices between institutions of Catholic higher education and the Church? *What are the implications of increased lay leadership in Catholic colleges and universities? *How does Catholic social and moral teaching inform campus culture, policies, and curriculum? *How do we assess the mission?

The seminar is designed to serve administrative leaders such as presidents, provosts, vice-presidents, deans, mission officers, major program directors, and others in positions responsible for institutional mission and identity.

Dates: July 11-14

All are encouraged and welcome to apply. Please note that registration deadlines come as early as Feb. 5.

For more information, if you are interested in one of these programs, please contact the following resource: for Vandhu Paaru go to the SFNO District website at; for Buttimer or LSJI, go to the Christian Brothers Conference website at; for the Mini-Buttimer, contact; for the Vocation Retreat, IALU Rome and IACHE Boston College, contact

If you wish to participate in any of the above offerings, please contact Carole Swain or Sally Jamison for more information about the application process, payment and supervisor support. Saint Mary’s College in collaboration with the District of San Francisco New Orleans and the Region of North America will cover all costs of participation.