Saint Mary's faculty and staff share how they engage with the Lasallian mission of education

Sister Jodi Min

"My mission experience over the summer... spoke a lot about the need to teach students about hospitality, how we are with one another. The importance to De La Salle was about building up students' relationships with Christ." -Sister Jodi Min on her work with the Buttimer Institute


Cynthia Ganote

"My mission education experience has very directly influenced my teaching back at Saint Mary's College." -Cynthia Ganote on her trip to the brothers' school in Sri Lanka


Brother Michael Murhpy

"On a daily basis, I think about [Vatican II], which was written in the early 60s, but I find still pulsates in terms of it's content for us today in the work we do at Saint Mary's College." -Father Michael Murphy on his study at Saint John's University


Jennifer Heung, Raina Leon and Monica Fitzgerald

"If I had to use one word to describe the mission experience of going to Rome, it would be zeal" -Raina Leon on traveling to the International Association of Lasallian Universities in Rome


Tomas Gomez-Arias

"This experience has helped me understand better how Saint Mary's fits within Catholic education in general, and how I fit within Saint Mary's, and how I can contribute to its mission." -Tomas Gomez-Arias on attending the Institute for Administrators of Catholic Higher Education at Boston College


Shyam Kamath

"The mixing of different cultures, of different points of view, and especially of the background that people brought was quite fascinating.  And we were able to engage in conversations and in exchanges that have lasted beyond Rome." -Shyam Kamath on his experience visiting the Lasallian Leadership Conference

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