Honors Community

Incoming first-year students admitted with honors may elect to participate in this exciting Living Community.

The Honors Living Community in Assumption Hall is designed to support incoming first-year honors students. Assumption Hall has a full kitchen, recreation lounge and study lounge.  Live-in tutors specializing in the sciences and the humanities – along with dedicated live-in faculty – help create an intellectually stimulating and supportive community.

The Honors Living Community in Claeys Hall South is designed to support Sophomore honors students. Claeys South has a lounge area with a full kitchen. 

Honors Living Community Goals:

  • Provide incoming honors students with a quiet, respectful community of diverse but similarly motivated peers.
  • Create a nurturing and supportive environment in which students forge a solid academic foundation a) by providing live-in mentor/tutors in the humanities and sciences b) by providing well-equipped and quiet study facilities c) by providing relevant and engaging co-curricular programming.
  • Ease social and academic transition into college through appropriate social programming and weekly events.
  • Offer accurate in-house academic advising and mentoring from qualified live-in faculty member(s).
  • Foster and mentor future campus and student life leaders.