Lasallian & Santiago Community

Continuing students may elect to participate in one of these exciting Living and Learning Communities.

Santiago Living Learning Community

The Santiago Community is a direct response to students’ desire to live with others who share their values and interests in Faith, Service and Community.  Living in Ageno West, junior and senior students support each other in their individual and community commitments made on the fall retreat.  Additionally, these Saint Mary’s students work with De Marillac Academy in San Francisco to support the mission of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.  Students selected the name Santiago in honor of Brother James Miller, FSC, a Christian Brother who worked with the indigenous people of Guatemala. He died tragically in Central America where his educational work came in opposition to military powers.

Lasallian Living Learning Community

The Lasallian Living Learning Community is organized around the principles and themes of Faith, Service, and Community. Participants include sophomores and juniors who live together in Becket Hall.

Community Leaders, two student participants from the Community, provide leadership and support for the programmatic elements of the Lasallian Community listed below. The Lasallian Community is sponsored by the Mission and Ministry Center in partnership with the Office of Residence Experience.

It’s About Faith

FAITH was the foundation for Saint John Baptist de La Salle, and it is integral to the heritage of Saint Mary’s College. Students who participate in Lasallian Community are willing and open to explore spiritual traditions and beliefs, and experience the presence and activity of God in their life. By making themselves available to God’s presence together, participants are open to new possibilities and discoveries.

“Lasallian Community is a community in the sense of living together, and also a community of faith and spirit aiming towards being servants, as Jesus was.”
--Daniel Reyes ’08, Lasallian Community Participant

Students participate in a weekly discussion where they examine the topics of service and social justice; learn about faith, prayer, and various spiritual practices; and examine their full personal development through the lenses of culture, vocation, and the Catholic Tradition; and engage the heritage of Saint Mary’s College by studying the life of Saint John Baptist de La Salle and the contemporary expression of the Lasallian Mission and Spirituality. Students enroll in two seminars, Listening to Life: Living Lasallian I and II, for .25-credit or audit the course.

It’s About Service

Participants are part of a SERVICE TEAM that engage in regular educational service with an agency or school in the Bay Area—perhaps tutoring at the Lasallian Educational Opportunities (LEO) Center after school program or helping in a classroom at St. Martin de Porres School in Oakland. Students meet and get to know those at their service sites and extend the Saint Mary’s College community in different parts of the Bay Area.

“When you are doing service work, you are broadening your horizons because you see how much more there is to the world, and it changes you as a person, expanding your knowledge on a human level.”
--Soraya Parker ’09, 2006 – 2007 Lasallian Community Participant

Lasallian Community commits to regular, educational service  in the spirit of Saint John Baptist de La Salle. Participants comprise several service teams that offer tutoring and classroom assistance in an educational environment. Alternative service arrangements are available and can be accommodated on an individual basis.

It’s About Community

Lasallians have a tradition of living together in COMMUNITY and being engaged in the ministry of education “together and by association.” Community gives each of us a foundation from which we draw support in our relationship with God and experience of service. Lasallian Community participants live in six person suites in Becket Hall, participate in Community Nights where they share a meal and the support of others.

“While an individual can do very important work, it is crucial for the success of service that others are with them.”
--Monique Gougeon ’07,  Lasallian Community Participant

Rising Sophomores and Juniors who seek a meaningful and fun community experience with other students who value faith, service, and authentic community are saying “yes” to participating in Lasallian Community. Consider this great opportunity for yourself and contact Pamela Thomas, Assistant Director for Residential Ministry, in the Mission and Ministry Center at 925.631.8019.