Lodi-area Residents Personally Touched by Reagan

In a story in the Lodi News-Sentinel about the death of former President Ronald Reagan, Saint Mary's College alumnus and Assemblyman Guy Houston '82, R-Livermore, is quoted as saying: "Ronald Reagan was my personal hero. During my sophomore year at Saint Mary's College in Moraga, I worked on Reagan's 1980 presidential bid as a volunteer. He motivated and encouraged countless young Americans like me to pursue public service.

"As he began his eight years as president, Reagan cut, squeezed and trimmed government while confidently insisting that it was the American people who were best suited to make decisions for themselves - not government.

"Reagan instilled a sense of hope, freedom, and renewed belief in the American free-market system. We once again believed that we could improve our economy, create jobs, lower federal income taxes and reduce the role of big government.

"His impact on our nation is clear. President Reagan turned our economy around, united Europe by demanding that Gorbachev 'tear down this wall' and ended the long-standing Cold War without a single shot fired."

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