M.A. in Leadership Program Features - Social Justice Concentration

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Saint Mary’s College is pleased to extend its successful M.A. in Leadership Program to include a concentration in Leadership for Social Justice.

The program is grounded in an educational process that models praxis – an ongoing cycle of action and reflection in order to participate in transformative change. In addition to learning the theories of leadership, justice, and change, you will hone the capacities required to create and sustain more just relationships, organizations, and structures.

An Innovative, Web-based Educational Design

Our web-based program includes 8-week online modules and the use of web-based exercises and discussion boards. The format is ideal for students with work, travel or family commitments that prevent them from attending weekly class sessions. Online activities include discussion on readings, individual and small group presentations, short reflection, academic papers and discussion with peers and faculty on the theory and practice of leadership. 

A Leadership Approach Grounded in Values

The M.A. in Leadership from Saint Mary's is grounded on the values of inclusion, collaboration and service to the larger community that is expected by the citizenry and necessary for community, organizational and societal well-being. Because this is a values based program you will be invited to identify, assess and develop new approaches to enhancing the effectiveness of your own leadership behavior and the effectiveness of your organization. By investigating the nature and practice of collaborative leadership, you will acquire the insight and tools necessary to provide your city and organization with new solutions to new and reoccurring problems.

The Cohort Model

You'll join a cohort of learners who move through the 12-course sequence together, allowing you to develop professional and community networks and engage in group reflection. You'll also develop the principles and skills needed for effective leadership, including critical reflective thinking, communication and relational skills and emotional, social, and systems intelligences.

The Intensive Weekends & Social Justice Institute 

In-person weekend meetings are held on campus or at a nearby conference center. They run from 9am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. Learners will attend the College’s annual Social Justice Institute for two days in late June each year. The program culminates with a residential retreat that begins on Friday evening and concludes on Sunday afternoon.