Social Justice


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The concentration in Social Justice provides you with a specialized focus in an area of leadership practice. The concentration focuses on promoting social justice, which is built on a foundation of fostering awareness of inequalities and cultivates ongoing habits of mind and of actions that advance justice. This concentration is grounded in a theory­ to ­practice orientation, action research driven by a desire to expand justice, and an exploration of how justice can be advanced in individuals, groups, and society.

You Will Focus On:

  • Promoting social justice, which fosters awareness of inequalities and cultivates ongoing habits of mind and action to advance justice
  • A theory-to-practice orientation
  • Action research driven by a desire to expand justice
  • Exploration of the ways to advance justice for individuals, groups and society


Your Learning Goals Will Include:

  • Learning political and spiritual philosophies that shape how society understands and talks about social justice
  • Applying knowledge of these philosophies in personal, professional and academic contexts
  • Connecting leadership theory to current and historical social movements
  • Expanding your ability to create and enact change strategies in complex systems
  • Deepening your awareness of the ways justice and inequality issues are working in teams, organizations, cities, countries and international settings


Concentration Course Curriculum:

Module VII CONCENTRATION COURSE #1: Foundations of Justice
This module provides foundational understandings for justice and develops skills for advocacy and deliberation of justice issues. The readings include moral philosophy, critical theory, and spiritual and faith traditions’ view of justice. Learners will be expected to use the readings, discussions, and activities of the course to both question and refine their individual and collective sense of what justice means and to engage in thoughtful deliberation about complex issues. Each learner will choose an issue of justice, investigate multiple perspectives on it, and write a paper advocating a particular position related to that issue.
Module IX CONCENTRATION COURSE #2: Social Movements
This module looks deeply into social movements as a responsibility of community membership on local and global scales, and at social justice as a context for exercising leadership. Specifically, in this module we will use case studies of social movements and your own interests and experiences to explore the nature of leadership and change. Particular attention will be invested in the notions of advocacy and social mobilization in movements rooted in interconnected issues of justice. Learners will also have the opportunity to research and present a movement important to them and shape and guide the learning for the full class.
Module X CONCENTRATION COURSE #3: Policy & Systemic Change
This module focuses on social policy as a potent vehicle for fostering meaningful change in large complex social systems. Effective social policy not only has the potential to not only address the unfair and unequal distribution of benefits and access, but to advance the health and well being of all. We pay attention to social policy as a collective response to a social problem, which involves the process of policy making, its outcome and implementation. The overarching goal of the course is to recognize the policy cycle as means for systems change particularly as it pertains to social justice concerns, and to explore the role leadership plays in this change and in all phases of the policy cycle.