Course Curriculum for Organizational Learning and Change Concentration

"Before I began this program I thought of leadership as something that was done at the top by the leader. Now I realize that the best leaders are the ones who create healthy relationships within their organizations ..."
    - Andy Alvey, Alumnus

You will explore the nature and forms of leadership required to steward private, public and non-profit organizations in the 21st century in this 23-month hybrid online program. The program is designed to promote real and effective change in the participants and in their organizations through a rigorous program grounded in a relational and collaborative leadership model.

The program requires successful completion of 36 units, and the completion of a learning portfolio. Thirty-three units are earned in the program core curriculum described below. Upon approval from the director, up to three units may be transferred from graduate courses taken at other accredited colleges or universities.

Module I Practice of Building a Learning Communities
Module II Values in Action
Module III Leadership Theory
Module IV System Intelligence for a Complex World
Module V Building Cross Cultural Capacity
Module VI Sustainable Organizational Change
Module VII Foundations of Organizational Learning and Change
Module VIII Project Proposal Development
Module IX Facilitating Learning for Systems Change
Module X
Integration and Practicum:  Individual and Group Approaches

Module XI

Module XII

The Future of Leadership

Personal and Organizational Learning

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