Meet the Team

They are, alphabetically...



Sam's picture 

Samantha Edmondo '16

from Nevada

Major: History

Events: Parliamentary Debate, Extemporaneous, and Persuasive









Luke Perez '19

from California

Major: Intergral

Events: Parliamentary Debate, Lincoln-Douglas






Elisa Rapadas '19

from Guam

Major: Psychology

Events: Parliamentary Debate, Lincoln-Douglas





Miranda Rowley '16

from California

Major: Politics and Women's Studies

Events: Parliamentary debate, Extemporaneous Speakng,

and Communication Analysis



t root 


Travis Root '18

from Oregon

Major: Biology and Spanish

Events: Parliamentary Debate, Extemporaneous,

and Informative Speaking

  andrei simpson

Andrei Simpson '17

from California

Major: Economics and Politics

Events: Lincoln-Douglas and Parliamentary debate,

Extemporaneous, and Persuasive Speaking



Maya Szafraniec '19

from California

Major: Biology

Events: Parliamentary Debate, Linconln-Douglas




carmen terlaje

Carmen Terlaje '16

from Guam

Major: Global & Regional Studies

Events: Parliamentary debate, Extemporaneous, Impromptu,

Informative, and After Dinner Speaking