Meet the Team

They are, in no particular order...



Marielle Gardner '19

from Richmond, CA

Hi my name is Marielle Gardner, the President of the Macken Speech and Debate Team. This is my 3rd year on the team competing in Parliamentary Debate.

I’m an Integral major with a Math minor.

Fun fact about me, I can’t wink to save my life.



Isabel Jerónimo '20

from Fresno, CA

Double major in Politics and Global Studies with a Spanish Minor.

Parli Debate.

Fun Fact: I once ate 27 Tacos at a Taco Truck, am a Resident Advisor, and the Treasurer of the Debate Club


Kathryn Magee '21

from Happy Valley, OR

Hi! My name is Kathryn and I'm a Sophomore Physics major.

When I'm not debating, you can find me singing in the choir or sailing.


Luke Perez '19

from Corona, CA

My name is Luke Perez, and I am a Senior Policy Debater!

I am double majoring in Classical Languages and Integral Liberal Arts.

I have a psychic connection to all bathrooms. 


Ojaswi Sharma '22

from Chandigarh, India

Hi! I'm Ojaswi Sharma, a freshman from India!

I am intending to major in English and Politics.

I'm a parli debater and have spent the majority of my schooling doing speech and debate.

My other interests are the arts, writing, photography, and feminism. 


Maya Szafraniec '19

from Sunnyvale, CA

My name is Maya Szafraniec, I am the vice president of the debate team, competing in my fourth year of parli debate. 


I am a biology major with a minors in anthropology and math. 


My fun fact is I've kept jar filled with sand and water in my bathroom for almost a year now to see what grows in it. 


Josh Moore '20

from Sacramento, CA

I love to bake. My absolute favorite is pineapple upsidedown cake!


Barbra Altawil '22

from San Jose, CA

'I do not like my private information online, also I can't handle spicy food' -Barb


Rita Anderson '20

from Castro Valley, CA


Brett Ausitn '22

from Santa Clara, CA

A car once crashed into my house.