Madigan's Extravagance Paved Way for End of an Era; All Aboard for Greatness; and Notre Dame of the

Three articles in the Contra Costa Times recount the glory days of Saint Mary's College football with profiles of Slip Madigan's Galloping Gaels. The series of articles traces the history of the Madigan era from the time he was hired in 1920 through two decades of orchestrating one of the most remarkable sports success stories.

"It's important to remember how this tiny private college took center stage during the Golden Age of sports, sharing national headlines with the likes of Babe Ruth, Jack Dempsey and Bobby Jones," according to the first of the series of articles.

Links to Articles:

* Madigan's Extravagance Paved Way for End of an Era
* All Aboard for Greatness
* Notre Dame of the West