Making of a Head Coach: Devon Brookshire '16, MA '17

Devon Brookshire with kidsWhat does breaking down chairs and learning the nuances of parking have to do with making a difference in people’s lives? Women’s basketball forward Devon Brookshire ’16, MA ’17 will tell you it’s all about becoming a complete person while going after a big goal.

Brookshire, a fifth-year player with the Gaels pursuing a master’s degree in kinesiology, is working with athletics events and facilities staff to learn as much as she can about the inner workings of college athletics. All to prepare herself for her ultimate goal—to be a college women’s basketball head coach and make a positive difference in people’s lives.

“You have people at these critical points in their lives and can help them shape their perspectives and build important values that will carry them through life,” said Brookshire who transferred to SMC from Northwestern University in 2014.

So Brookshire is focused on learning everything she can in an internship with Mark Papadopoulos, associate athletic director for operations, and Ed Arnold, director of event management.

“She has the will to learn, and she cares about people,” said Papadopoulos, who has years of experience in college athletics at numerous institutions. “It takes a special quality to be a coach. You have to be able to anticipate, think about things that normal people don’t. There are a lot of behind-the-scenes things that go into a basketball team and an athletics department.”

Meanwhile, Brookshire is happy with her progress. “Each day is an opportunity to get better, and I think this environment has really supported that.”