Making the 'Team of Destiny': Trevor Newquist '13

When Trevor Newquist was 6 years old, he started playing soccer in Naples, Italy, where his father, a special agent for the Navy, had been transferred with the family.

“I lived around a lot of Italians who were crazy soccer fans, so I was inspired by that.”

Fast forward to present day, and 21-year-old Newquist is now captain of the men’s soccer team at Saint Mary’s College. Since first becom- ing a Gael four years ago, Newquist was instru- mental in turning the College’s soccer program into a highly competitive franchise. The highlight of his soccer career, he recounted, was scoring the winning goal in overtime with a head shot that launched “The Team of Destiny” into the NCAA Elite Eight last year.

“It gave me goose bumps to run around the field and dog-pile with my brothers, my team- mates. It was one of the best moments of my entire life.”

The defensive mid-fielder, who garnered a lot of attention at his San Diego high school for being lead scorer on both the basketball and soccer teams, had offers to play for UC Davis, UC Irvine and the University of Santa Clara. But he liked the tight-knit community that Saint Mary’s offered. “I love the people here and the small class sizes, and the professors are always avail- able when you need them.”

The soccer star is only four classes away from earning a degree in kinesiology, with an empha- sis in sports management. While he aspires to play professional soccer one day, he does have a back-up plan. “I’d like to work with a sports organization, like the Giants, in the marketing or communications department.”

His enthusiasm for Saint Mary’s has rubbed off on his 19-year-old brother, who attends UC Berkeley. But not for long. “He’s transferring to Saint Mary’s next semester to run track and cross-country,” said Newquist. “He believes Saint Mary’s is a place where he can be successful and be recognized, too.”