Marc Mowrer ('01)

Commercial Real Estate Broker

Marc Mowrer played tennis at SMC, worked in professional sports with the Seattle Mariners, had a job with Coca-Cola, eventually went to law school, and now is a Commercial Real Estate Broker.  His time at Saint Mary's prepared him for all of these undertakings and more. 



Name: Marc Mowrer
Major: Communication
Minor: Spanish
Year of Graduation: 2001
Hometown: Seattle, WA (now living in Spokane, WA)

SMC has a really interactive, energetic Communication Department, which adds to a curriculum that is relevant in today’s dynamic society.  A Communication degree has a dual benefit: a student takes general courses that are applicable to many professions while simultaneously being able to delve into technology, film production, politics, etc. I sincerely miss my daily interaction and classes with Shawny Anderson, Sue Fallis, Ellen Rigsby, Michael Russo, and Ed Tywoniak.

In addition to the above, I was fortunate to play tennis at SMC, so I miss my teammates and coaches; I miss the rhythm of the college day, especially at a place as picturesque as SMC.  I recall walking from practice to the weight room and seeing sun and palm trees set amongst mission-style buildings – in February!  To put it kindly, Seattle lacked all three of those elements.

I also miss SMC’s campus environment as I enjoyed recognizing other students and teachers throughout the day.  I realize a smaller campus is not for everyone, but for me, a larger school would have dampened the connection I felt to a school. 

At SMC, I began to do well in school as I was too focused on sports during high school. (Note: Many of my close friends do not consider tennis a sport; thus, they also dispute me using the dumb-jock excuse.) 

"I found the SMC faculty was genuinely interested in my development and ideas, and while I acknowledge this sounds like a puff piece introduction, the reality is that these relationships allowed me to grow."

My favorite course there was probably Oral Communication for two reasons: (1) Public speaking is critical in almost any profession, so structuring thoughts to influence an audience is a skill I use every day in meetings and negotiations and (2) truthfully, I really like to hear myself talk, which is pathetic – I know.

I took some of the skills I learned in my courses with me when I worked with the Seattle Mariners Baseball Organization.  SMC assisted greatly by virtue of my exposure to web interfaces and working in teams to pursue a common goal, both of which were emphasized in Communication courses.  Besides my job with the Mariners, I worked for Swire Coca-Cola in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I worked for the Compliance Department for Athletics at the University of Washington in Seattle.  I also went to law school and graduated from Seattle University School of Law.

Now I am a broker in commercial real estate where I lease and sell commercial property.  The best part of being a broker is meshing a client’s business and real estate needs and then, in consultation with the client, arriving at a fiscally prudent decision, which when done well, causes people to value what I do.  I’m a sucker for compliments, I suppose.  The hardest part is learning a work/life balance because, like many professions, I could work 24-7.  Getting married and having a son has greatly helped in that regard.

And now on to advice for current students.  First, when I started college, I would roll my eyes when graduates would comment about how quickly college would pass, but unfortunately, they were right, and the amazing time at Saint Mary’s flew by me.  Second, I should have explored the Bay Area more as it is truly a unique place from San Francisco, to the beaches, to the outdoor activities in the area.  Finally, I enjoyed traveling abroad to Spain after I graduated, so I would recommend that students find a way to travel (or study) abroad as soon as possible.