Degree Requirements

The Master of Arts in Communication is an accelerated +1 program that offers undergraduates a second degree after only an additional intensive year.

Students will complete a total of nine courses (36 carnegie units) to graduate with a Masters of Arts in Communication. There are five required core courses, including a three course Applied Research sequence, and four elective courses, which may be cross listed undergraduate electives taken for graduate credit.


Sample Course of Study:

During Undergraduate

Two cross listed upper division electives (4 units each). One each semester of senior year is recommended.

Note: not all upper division Comm electives are eligible for cross listing. Consult a faculty advisor.


+1 Graduate Year


COMM300: Theories of Communication (4 units)
COMM305 Applied Research Design (4 units)
Cross listed elective (4 units)


January Term

COMM306Applied Research Method (4 units)


Cross listed elective (4 units)
COMM302 Strategic Mediated Communication (4 units)
COMM307 Applied Research Analysis (4 units)

June Term

Either Comprehensive Exam or International Externship

Course Descriptions