International Experience

January Term

All students will spend one January Term month working in teams on an intercultural communication project in partnership with an international organization. This will include travel abroad with faculty for approximately two weeks, depending on the scope of the project.  

Semester Abroad

Students are also encouraged to participate in a semester-long study abroad opportunity during their third semester. Students who choose not to go abroad will engage in an internship at a local international, intercultural organization.


Students will have the opportunity to choose from various organizations or communities to work with, as it relates to their learning objectives and career trajectory.  Examples of previous international experiences led by the Communication Department faculty include:

Municipal Government of Diriamba, Nicaragua

Bosques de Gaia Organic Farm, Diriamba, Nicaragua

Taking Root, San Juan de Limay, Nicaragua

San Carlos Community, Diriamba, Nicaragua

Sunsplash Reggae Festival, Goa, India