Master of Arts in Teaching Leadership

“MATL showed me what is possible.  It took me away from a place of relative complacency to a proactive role outside my classroom.” – Recent Graduate


This innovative program offers working education professionals the opportunity to earn a Master's degree from the prestigious Kalmanovitz School of Education, while maintaining a regular teaching schedule.  Those with five or more years of teaching experience can complete the program in one year.

“This has been an amazing experience.  I have learned so much and I am now making significant changes at my district.” – MATL Graduate

Not to be confused with educational leadership programs leading to an administrative credential, the MA in Teaching Leadership focuses on leadership from a peer perspective.  Educators learn proven research-based techniques to collaborate with peers from within their school or district to create positive change and promote increased student success. 

“I have learned how to research, encourage others, and so much more.  You have given me the keys to be a powerful teacher leader.” – MATL Graduate

Along with innovative teacher leadership focus and scheduling for working educators, the MA in Teaching Leadership program also offers participants a traditional classroom setting with the true interpersonal contact that fosters genuine, long-lasting professional relationships.

"Developing close relationships with like professionals and working through the same struggles and solutions was very meaningful to me as I developed my skills as a teaching leader." - MATL Graduate 


There are 2 tracks to earning the MA in Teaching Leadership: one for Beginning Teachers (fewer than 5 years of teaching) who are attending Saturday Seminars  and one for Experienced Teachers (5 or more years of teaching).

The MATL uses a cohort model to create a cohesive learning community that progresses through the program, growing together in knowledge and skills and providing mutual peer support. 

The coursework is practical in nature, presenting and modeling best practices in teaching leadership.  

Candidates create and complete an Action Research Project.  The ARP process is supported by courses that are sequenced to systematically build the understanding and skills needed to plan and carry out action research, and to document and present the research findings.  (See Level 2 Course Descriptions for more detail.)

Research is based on an issue of importance in the candidate’s individual teaching practice and is supported by both the program faculty and an individual research advisor.

Project findings are presented to professional colleagues at the annual Teaching Leadership Colloquium held each May.

"Challenging, dynamic, real world connections. You can complete it in a year and start learning and benefiting during the process.  How great is that?!" - MATL Graduate