Program of Study

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Program of Study

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MAIT 401 Introduction to Inquiry

(1 unit)



2 Saturdays,

7 hours/day


Choose subject area & topic; develop guiding questions; learn how to read educational research and use library databases; write Guiding Questions

MAIT 402 Content Knowledge

(3 units)



One 5-hour class per week for 6 weeks plus

1.5 hours/week online

Deepen knowledge of selected topic and content area; begin to answer guiding questions; explore contemporary issues in education; create Content Resource Collection.

MAIT 403 Pedagogical Knowledge

(3 units)

Summer Fall



One 5-hour class per week for 6 weeks plus

1.5 hours/week online

Deepen pedagogical content knowledge; explore educational theories; investigate research on subject-area learning and teaching; develop ideas for Capstone Project; write Literature Review

MAIT 404 Capstone Project

(2 units)




Five 3-hour class sessions, plus 9 hours online or in individual meetings

Prepare Capstone Project and Final Presentation; meet in-class and online with instructor and peers for support and sharing progress; write Program Reflection.

Electives (3 units)

  • 1 elective required for SMC credential students
  • 2 electives required for non-SMC credential students

Summer, Fall and/or Spring


MAIT 410 Special Topics in Education or any 3-unit graduate-level course approved by Program Director

Total units including credential:



SMC credential

Multiple Subject: 48

Single Subject: 47

Education Specialist: 45

Total units:



Non-SMC credential

30 units

(15 units accepted from credential program

15 units of required SMC courses)


Note: MAIT 401 & 402 must be taken concurrently; MAIT 403 must be completed before taking MAIT 404. Electives can be taken any time.