Computer Science

Courses in the computer science program will introduce you to the design of computer systems and their current applications and prepare you to use the computer as a tool for complex problem-solving in the future.

The program emphasizes the fundamental principles of computation and computer structure. A split major and a minor are offered by the computer science program, and a mathematics major with a concentration in computer science is offered by the mathematics program. Other courses, such as Math 128 and Math 140, are of interest to students in computer science.

First Year Schedule

Greek Thought (Seminar 20) 
Calculus I (Math 27) **
Elective  (Chem 8/9 or Phys 1/2 or CS 21)  
Composition (English 4) 

Roman, Christian and Medieval Thought (Seminar 20)
Calculus II (Math 28)
Elective (Chem 10/11 or Physics 3/4 or CS 102)
Argument and Research (English 5)

** Math 13-14 (Calculus with Elementary Functions) may be more appropriate for some students.