Measures of Success

Photographic portfolio by Toby Burditt

Saint Mary's Scholarship Students Are Making the Most Out of Opportunities

Stephanie Harrison Sal Ortiz Lindsay Ryberg
Sarah Henry Brandon Elefante Emily Robbins
& Dave Blanchard
Skylar Covich Luke Johnson Vanessa Snyder
Marie Conner Amanda Stump &
Stephanie Tews
Michael Leonard
Sonya Lee Caitlin Aloia Kate Coulouras
Jenna Zack Darwyyn Deyo Jessica Lee

Scholarships change lives, widen horizons, open doors. At Saint Mary’s, nearly 75 percent of undergraduates are awarded scholarships, most due to financial need, but also for academic and athletic merit. The students we feature in the next nine pages, and others who are profiled in the online version of Saint Mary’s magazine, shared many interesting reflections on what their scholarships mean to them.

One overriding theme was the determination to get as much from the College as they can because they are aware that they are being given an opportunity that they might have otherwise missed. All of these scholarship recipients work hard in their classes, but they also volunteer, participate in clubs, play on or cheer on sports teams and develop close relationships with friends, professors and staff.

Students are also aware that receiving a scholarship of any amount means less worry of paying off loans in the future. Those who receive scholarships based on academic achievement are proud of their accomplishments and gain confidence from being recognized for their hard work.

Another recurring theme was gratitude. Recipients know that scholarship awards
are made possible through the generosity of donors, and many express thanks in personal letters to them.
Those donors include a wide array of individuals, groups and foundations. Most of the scholarships they fund are available to any worthy Saint Mary’s student. Some have specific criteria for recipients, which may include the geographic area or high school the student is from, study in a particular school or program, or to aid an athlete in a specific sport.

Without scholarships, most students would not be able to afford higher education. We’re happy to tell the stories of a few of our scholarship recipients here.