Measures of Success: Caitlin Aloia

By John Grennan

Like any athlete, tennis player Caitlin Aloia is always seeking to improve her performance on the court, but she may be a bit more methodical about it than most.

The senior’s drive to excel athletically led her to major in kinesiology, the study of the human body in motion. She’s immersed herself in the discipline, serving as Kinesiology Club president and running experiments in the College’s Human Performance Lab with athletes to determine their body composition and optimum oxygen intake.

“It’s a very close-knit community,” Aloia says. “The teachers have a genuine concern for their students and help us plan for our future.” For Aloia, that may include graduate work in exercise physiology or cardiac rehabilitation.

Aloia, who has earned a Christian Brothers scholarship, is working with professor Derek Marks on a sports drink that helps prevent lactic-acid buildup during exercise.

“Caitlin epitomizes the values of the College through her commitment to giving back to the SMC community,” Marks says. “Her involvement in student-athlete fitness and performance testing requires many, many hours of work.”

Aloia also volunteers every month at places such as the Dorothy Day House in Berkeley, Habitat for Humanity and the Carnival 4 Kids.

“Caitlin brings to life the spirit of faith and the spirit of zeal that are at the heart of the Lasallian mission by how she gives expression to her values and her relationships with others,” says Brother Michael Sanderl, dean of mission and ministry.

Aloia is eager to make the most of her final year at Saint Mary’s with more volunteer work, leading the College’s excursions to Yosemite and parrying WCC tennis opponents with her serve-and-volley game in the spring.

“It’s senior year and I want to capitalize on everything,” she says. “I love it here and want to hold on to it as long as I can.”