Measures of Success: Darwyyn Deyo

By John Grennan

As an economics major, Darwyyn Deyo believes in going wherever the numbers take her.

“I love data and talking about data,” says Deyo, a Wilder Trust scholarship recipient. “It’s unconscionable to lie about data to get your point across.”

Most recently, data has brought Deyo to a senior thesis project on African economies. After studying international economics at Oxford, Deyo decided to examine how the “resource curse” can affect developing economies.

“The resource curse is when a country has something that everyone wants, like diamonds, oil or copper,” she explains. “But with poor administration and corruption, it can actually lead to problems with spending and an unbalanced budget.”

Deyo’s research led her to find that oil wealth or mineral deposits can be a mixed blessing. She cites Botswana as one country that managed to avoid the pitfalls of the resource curse.

“They kept a balanced budget, paid off their loans, and built up their foreign currency reserves.”

Deyo’s passion for data has carried over to other parts of her life at Saint Mary’s. As the Collegian’s opinion page editor, she frequently presses her columnists to provide more evidence. 

“We’re always trying to get writers to do research and cite studies — it gives more credit to the paper and the writer.”

She’s also committed to increasing readership and eliciting more letters to the editor. She believes this requires the newspaper staff to know their audience.

“We try to have columns that are relevant to Saint Mary’s instead of basic ranting about ‘I hate government’ or ‘Bush is evil.’”