Members of the BAR Task Force

Dear Saint Mary’s Faculty and Staff,

In our previous letter of February 28, we shared with you the attached charge of the Business and Academic Resource (BAR) Task Force in which the composition of the task force was established. Individual members have now been named to fill the slots described in the charge.  We thank the following people for offering to serve on this important initiative:


James Donahue (Co-Chair)

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Margaret Kasimatis (Co-Chair)

Vice President for Finance and Administration

Susan Wallace

Board of Trustees Members

  • Brother James Gaffney, FSC
  • James Quandt
  • Kimberley Vogel

Faculty Members

  • Rosemary Graham, English Department
  • Mindy Thomas, Politics Department
  • Ted Tsukahara, Integral Program


Roy Wensley, School of Science

Cabinet Members

  • Hernan Bucheli, Vice Provost for Enrollment & Communications
  • Lisa Moore, Vice President for Advancement

Staff Member

Evette Castillo Clark, Dean of Students

Chairperson of the Board (Ex Officio)

Kevin Nagle

Staff Support

David Ford, Executive Assistant to the President

Consultants as needed (Non-Members)

We will convene the first meeting of the task force soon.  At our initial meeting, we will put together a communication plan ensuring that the work of the task force is communicated regularly to members of the College community.    

We look forward to updating you on the work of this task force over the next 15 months.  


James A. Donahue                     Margaret Kasimatis  
President                                     Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs