MFA Creative Writing Student Jo Unruh '22 Honors Fellowship with Lambda Literary


MFA Creative Writing Student Jo Unruh (Creative Nonfiction '22) Honors Fellowship with Lambda Literary 


Lambda Literary Fellow, Jo Unruh (CNF ‘22), has a new review, “Forging Meaning through Love: Jane Byers’ Small Courage,” published in Lambda Literary. Unruh is completing a semester-long remote editorial fellowship with Lambda Literary, a 30 year old nonprofit that elevates the impact of LGBTQ+ writers to create community, preserve their legacies, and affirm the value of LGBTQ+ stories and their lives.

Unruh says: "The Lambda Literary internship has provided me with pertinent, tangible experience concerning the writing and publishing industry, ranging from copy editing to SEO to content creation. Moreover, the opportunity has connected me to an amazing network of fellow industry professionals who have fostered my growth as a writer, editor, and literary community member.” 


Read an excerpt of Unruh’s recent publication: 

Acclaimed poet, documentarian, and lifelong activist Jane Byers takes a courageous dive into modern LGBTQ parenthood in Small Courage: A Queer Memoir of Finding Love and Conceiving Family. At once a unique story of a transnational lesbian couple raising biracial twins adopted in Canada in the aughts, and a parallel narrative about coming out and finding oneself, Small Courage represents multiple journeys rolled into one. Adopting is a journey, parenthood is a journey, finding oneself is a journey…coming out is not a singular event, it is a lifelong process that repeatedly occurs during these journeys. And while being lesbian in no way defines Byers’ parenthood journey, it is this powerful part of her identity that gives her much of the strength she needs to overcome challenges in conceiving and raising a loving family.


Jo Unruh is a writer and Navy special operations veteran officer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is currently pursuing her MFA at Saint Mary's College of California, and is an intern with Lambda Literary. She holds a B.S. in English from the United States Naval Academy and an MBA from Arizona State University W.P. Carey.

Date of Mention: 
Tuesday, March 16, 2021