Joseph Schneider MFA Creative Writing ‘15 Interviewed in Shoutout LA

Shoutout LA recently interviewed Saint Mary's MFA alumnus, Joseph Schneider, author of the critically acclaimed LAPD Tully Jarsdel Mystery Series.

Earlier this year, Schneider, who graduated with his Master's of Fine Arts in Creative Writing in creative nonfiction in 2015, released the second novel in this series, What Waits for You.

Schneider talks about his experience with the MFA in Creative program:

"It took me years to develop my current set of skills, and I’m nowhere near where I want to be. A big shift occurred as I went through the MFA at Saint Mary’s College. I entered the program thinking I pretty much already knew what I was doing, and that it would just be a kind of echo chamber of praise and encouragement. It wasn’t. I realized almost immediately I’d seriously been overestimating my abilities. My writing was pretentious and labored. I wasn’t making a connection; instead I was pushing my readers away. I had to completely rethink my voice and my approach to prose structure. Or maybe it’s better to say I had to outgrow my own bullshit. I was lucky enough to have four exceptional professors—Marilyn Abildskov, Lysley Tenorio, Thomas Cooney, and the late Wesley Gibson—to guide me through this painful and essential transition."


What Waits for You received a starred review in Publishers Weekly and was chosen as one of Apple’s Best Books of January.

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Date of Mention: 
Friday, February 26, 2021