Support the MFA Scholarship Fund

Support the emergent voices of the SMC MFA in Creative Writing program and enrich culture. 

For 25 years, the Saint Mary’s MFA in Creative Writing program has created a community space to nurture and grow upcoming inclusive voices of connection. The MFA serves as a critical academic community of writers, where ideas, voices and stories enrich the collective imagination.

Given the increasing severity of COVID-19, we have chosen to postpone our annual art auction fundraiser, Allowance for Form. This disruption will have an extreme financial impact on our ability to provide scholarships to the many students who are in need of support. Many of our students already struggle to afford living in the Bay Area and many are now without jobs and thus means to continue their studies.

Please consider supporting our scholarship fund during these uncertain times, so we may use those funds to directly alleviate financial burdens on our students. With your support we will continue to foster discourse and collaboration via virtual events, online instruction and social media outreach. More than ever, now is the time to come together as human beings to recognize our interdependence and strength. 

For every gift you give, you will receive a personalized letter from MFA faculty in return. We were made to connect, to share, to listen, and to feel through language both spoken and written. Please support the MFA’s emergent voices of connection with a gift of any amount.

The MFA scholarship fund is supported by alumni, supporters and patrons of the arts, as well as local community members. Join us in our efforts to support the next generation of voices.