Support the MFA Scholarship Fund

We have created a space to nurture and grow the inclusive voices of connection, and we are committed to expanding this circle.

We see a world in which individual stories enrich our collective imagination. We were made to connect, to share, to listen, and to feel through language both spoken and written. Through literature and poetry, we come together as human beings to recognize our interdependence and strength. We have created a space in the Saint Mary's writing program to nurture and grow the emergent voices of connection. We imagine this space as limitless. The only constraint is our ability to support students as they reach more deeply into their craft to broaden the cultural narrative that surrounds them. We are committed to taking down the hurdles that prevent these new voices from emerging, and we invite you to join us. Give now.


The MFA scholarship fund is supported by alumni, supporters and patrons of the arts, as well as local community members. Join us in our efforts to support the next generation of voices.