MFA in Dance Alumni Chanel Bibene Presenting work at the San Francisco International Arts Festival

Chanel "Byb" Bibene has an upcoming performance with San Francisco International Arts Festival with his company Kiandanda Dance Theater performing work "Religion Kitendi" June 11th-July 2nd 2022.

MFA in Dance Alumni Byb will be presenting his work "Religion Kitendi-Dress Code" with his dance company Kiandanda Dance Theater from June 11th-Jully 2nd 2022. Byb graduated from the program in the Summer of 2017 and made is United States debut in 2007. Byb's newest work will look at how "eurocentric dress codes became a standard in different communities" while also having levity humor and hauge couture. Yu can learn more about Byb on our Alumni page:

To read more about his lateest work use the following link:


Congratulations Byb!