MFA in Dance Alumni Lacin Keles to speak at International Symposium of Laban and Bartenieff Movement Studies

Class of 2021 Graduate Lacin Keles will be speaking at the International Symposium of LBMS on her research with LBMS and Pole Dance.

MFA in Dance Recent Graduate Lacin Keles will be presenting her embodied research on applying somatic movement studies (mainly Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies) on pole dancing functionality and expressivity. She will present this research at the International Symposium of Laban and Bartenieff Studies on April 1st from 3:30pm-4:00pm Beijing time. This conference is put on by the Inspirees Institute and will be online. 

Lacin notes that the application of somatic movement principles to strength-required pole dance movements make a huge difference in performance and creative practice. Lacin is passionate about sharing findings through presentations, teaching and choreography.

Somatics and LBMS studies are one of the core studies emphasized by Saint Mary's MFA program, with opportunities for students to continue their somatics work after graduation. 

The symposium invites an international dialogue and collaboration forum and platform for the studies of LBMS in dance therapy, creative movement, authentic movement programs and other forms, with speakers from around the world. The five major themes explored are Education and Pedagogy, Health and Therapy, Arts Performance, New Applications and History and Theory. 

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Congratulations Lacin!