Michael Testa '92

Director of Community Relations

Michael Testa '92 is Director of Community Relations for the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau.

While I would not have been able to tell you what I wanted to do professionally while in school, I knew that I liked to write, that I was good at verbal communications and that I needed to do something that was ever-changing. 

My English degree enabled me to enter the world of corporate communications where I was shocked at how many "professionals" struggled with writing a simple business letter.  The ability to correctly string sentences together — to create a written argument that sways someone to your side of the fence — is an extremely valuable tool to have.  The skills of critical thinking and analysis that come with the SMC English degree have enabled me to contribute to each organization I've worked for. 

I've moved on from the corporate world to a civic non-profit, where I organize special events with a half million dollar budget. My job is to plan major special events to create tourism, while entertaining and building community pride with the citizens who live here.  And I still get to write via press releases, marketing brochures and interact with media outlets as a public information officer.

An English degree will bring you communications skills which transfer into any industry or job that you decide to pursue.

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