Minutes, August 28 2008

Submitted by Chandra Commer

1. Welcome and Announcements

Lloyd Schine has joined us as a new CCIE member. The meeting notes for CCIE will post on the website after being reviewed by the committee. If we decided to sponsor faculty to attend conferences if so, what will be the criteria and process.

2. Summer Updates

A. Staff and Faculty Orientation
The New Faculty Orientation was successful,17 faculty members attended; in regards to Inclusive Excellence on both orientations, staff was more interactive; for New Faculty Orientation due to planned agendas Inclusive Excellence was discussed in dialogue. Staff Orientation is generally every 2-3 months, dependent on employment and the focus is on initiatives and projects. "Clowns", a short film was featured and focused on diversity and discrimination. There are new faculty members that have come from places with diversity initiative and inclusive excellence backgrounds; there should be time to solicit ideas as new faculty members.

B. High Potential Program
The three- week residential Summer Bridge component of the HP program concluded on August 15, 2008. There were 38 HP students in the first year class, 20 women and 18 men. During Summer Bridge, students completed a class in English, Seminar, Math/Pre-Calculus, and Personal Communication & Intergroup Dialogue. A new component, the Study Group Community Time, provided 6 nights a week of structured study sessions. There are some potential options for pursuing a Student Support Services TRIO grant to extend the student population that receives such support services.

C. Vision Statement
There were comments in regards to the vision statement, after deliberating; the new vision statement will read:

We, of St. Mary's College of California are dedicated to treating all people with dignity and respect in ways that acknowledge and engage diverse backgrounds and ideas. Our policies, practices and behaviors foster a safe and inclusive community and promote learning that is equitable, collaborative and inspired by the presence of God in and among us.

D. Contacting Inclusive Excellence Partners
Liaisons for the working groups should contact and update members. Dependent on the Intolerance Protocol convening working groups to review and make comments about the report. Overseen by the CCIE, the groups should be able to meet to come up with a process for sponsoring activities or conferences. Mentors and Scholarships have a big group that may be able to work closely with Faculty Fellowes Ministries, but how?

E. Acts of Intolerance Protocols
A few changes have been made to the Protocol. Faculty does not have a specific section on the protocol but have been mentioned in sections of the report. Students should contact Dean of Students when act of intolerance is performed by anyone, the faculty can start with the Dean who will in return direct them to the appropriate person. The new protocol will be sent out and reviewed by the committee.

F. Climate Survey Report

At next meeting there should be discussion on; general comments on the report, opinions on in cooperating quotes on the report and for visual processors feedback on the visual of the report. Key findings should be documented on one page. There will be revisions to the report at the next meeting.

G. Book Groups –past and future
CILSA and the Social Justice Coordinating Committee are co-sponsors for the book groups. This summer book groups consisted of 38 people. Each week there were discussions on terms, self-reflection activity, sharing and assigned reading for the week. The group will like to be proactive; discussions that were brought up by the group:

• Facilitating book groups for the spring.

• Having a new book group within departments where there is an open invitation.

• Having the same book reintroduced.

The next book group for the Fall, ‘White Like Me" has 26 members who has expressed interest in a discussion group. There should be 2 groups established so there is more conversation and time for discussion. A blog may be set up to have discussions outside of the group. To have more group involvement, "White Like Me" should be introduced in the fall and Power of Difference should be re-introduced in the spring, Multi-year cycles should be a possibility to focus on books and key issues. Workshops should be set up to discuss topics, concepts and ideas to build year-long programming and appreciative inquiry. The Social Justice Coordinating Committee has chosen for the fall the book, "How to Talk About Hot Topics on Campus". Robert will facilitate the book group and will need a co-facilitator. Focusing on student involvement should be brought up. For Jan Term, a master list with group dates, topics and outlines will be handled by Jennifer, Mary and Robert. Some type of advertisements for Jr. Faculty to make changes in the community rather than just seeing this as another group or book group. Supervisors need to make it allowable for staff to participate on their time.

IV. Discussion Items

A. Educational Case Statement

Revisions are in progress for the case statement. The first Blackboard experience will have the Educational Statement to view under the CCIE link on the right hand side of the page. If when trying to log on to Blackboard there are any problems, Rae Peralta can be contacted at aperalta@stmarys-ca.edu. Revisions will be made and handed out at the next meeting.

V. New Business

A. Linda Rose Presentation on cultural diversity workshops at SMC

T&D Director, Linda Rose presented 5 modules designed for managers and leaders role in supporting an inclusive community. Leaders can be Managers, Deans, Supervisor, Academic Provost and/or Faculty Member. The goal is to create a shared commitment understanding what it means to lead to build a multi-cultural environment and to build the skills and practices.

It is anticipated that the program will start this fall having 6 people co-facilitate. There will be changes to the modules deleting and adding a few items. The plan is to roll out the program in January, 4 modules will be introduced with the last module being done 2 months after and one more module in spring or summer. In January 15-20 people will be invited by invitation only.