Minutes for April 17, 2009

Submitted by Chandra Commer

I. Updates:

CCTF has finished their work with the core curriculum. Faculty will vote in Senate to decide which model will best fit SMC staff, faculty and students. The final documents have been posted online on the Core Curriculum website.

April 17th marks the 13th Annual National Day of Silence bringing attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in schools.

There has been concern on campus regarding inclusion and the lack of communication between students and faculty beyond academics. It was suggested to have a work-study student develop a laminated sheet of contact information for faculty and staff to provide information to students about counseling services, academic advising, etc. The sheet will be created this summer and will be ready for distribution in the fall to all faculty and support staff.

CCIE may organize modules for the all staff and faculty days in August with the theme "The student as human being." The session could be an overview of how students relate to faculty and staff with a student panel leading the discussion.

Road Show Updates: Robert Bulman has scheduled a presentation with the Senate and SOLA Chairs in May. The CCIE will hold a public meeting on Friday, May 8th, in the Soda Center-Orinda Room. The purpose is to provide updates on what has been done on campus.

II. Discussion Items:

A. NCAA Certification:
Every ten years, member institutions have to be accredited to be NCAA divisional athletic institutions. The next accreditation is April 2010, with our draft self-study due May 1 of this year. Appointed by Brother Ronald, the NCAA steering committee consists of members outside of Athletics, Michael Beseda is the chair of the steering committee. The certification focuses on 3 critical areas:

• Governance & Rules Compliance: The committee makes sure we are following the necessary rules and institutional controls at all levels, including the President and Trustees on down throughout the institution.
• Academic Integrity: Looks at all academic support programs and graduation rates among athletes.

• Student athlete well-being: Focuses on gender issues, diversity issues and the general well-being of the student athlete. The sub-committee is chaired by the Dean of Students, Scott Kier with Ed Tywoniak, Jeanne DeMatteo, Michael Viola and an appointed student representative on the committee.

Feedback on any of the plans can be sent to the chair of the sub-committee, Scott Kier. The information on the NCAA certification can be found on the website on the Communication tab.

B. Funding of Proposals:
Six proposals have been submitted and next week the sub-committee will make a decision about the applications. The committee will acknowledge the results of the applications funded during the May 8th public meeting.

C. End of Year Plans:
A public event will be held on Friday, May 8th, Soda Center, Orinda Room. Items of discussion will include acknowledging proposals and discussing the ODMI. Angelica Garcia, Robert Bulman, Lloyd Schine, Lien Troung and Randy Manjivar will meet to establish an agenda for the meeting.