Minutes for April 3, 2009

Submitted by Chandra Commer

I. Welcome and Announcements:

NCORE 2009 will be held May 26-30th in San Diego. NCORE is designed to provide a significant forum for discussion, critical dialogue, and exchange of information as institutions search for effective strategies to enhance access, social development, education, positive communication, and cross-cultural understanding in culturally diverse settings. Lien Troung, Angelica Garcia, Joan Cube, Patricia Chambers and Randy Menjivar have volunteered to attend the forum. The group will coordinate attending a couple of events as a team. Potentially next year CCIE will prepare a topic to be presented as an agenda item, i.e., Developmental Models of Inclusion or one of the funded projects and what was accomplished.

II. Updates

A. Inclusive Excellence Posters :
Mary McCall and Bob from Communications have come up with 4 posters with themes for each poster, 1) Religion and Spirituality, 2)Race & Ethnicity,
3) Gender/Sexual Orientation and 4) Class. Big Events on campus will be held in the fall and spring to roll out each poster; a group with Mission and Ministries is facilitating an Interfaith Dialogue forum assessment that will be linked with the Religion and Spiritual poster; Joan Cube is looking for a speaker for the discussion of Ethnic Identity to go with the Race & Ethnicity poster.

B. Community-time dialogue:
A dialogue, with approximately 90 participants, was held on March 19th during community time. Participants felt needs to be more events with opportunities to dialogue. The script and dialogue that was presented will be added to the CCIE website along with feedback and responses.

C. ADL Training:
The ADL training will be held on August 3 – August 7th. 25 people have volunteered to participate in the training and 2 are undecided. The participants include 6 faculty members and staff from Residence life, Student Involvement, New Family Programs, Public Safety Health & Wellness, Mission & Ministries, HR, Graduate Programs and Leadership and Academic Affairs. The training and workshops will be suited for faculty and staff with a campus-of-difference workshop that will be more student-oriented. Mary McCall will act as Liaison for the ADL-training who will serve as the primary contact to ADL staff and Reuben Mitchell. Specific workshops will run concurrently with the training; Faculty & Development training, the Leading a Diverse and Multicultural Environment and 1 or 2 sessions devoted centrally to the Mission in a Unity for Diversity piece lead by Carole Swain, along with Mission and Ministries. All staff and faculty will be expected to attend the workshop at least once over a 2 year period. Mary McCall will speak to Staff Council May 14th to see what direction they would like to go for next year. If anyone is interested in participating in the train the trainer workshop please contact Mary McCall.

D. Funding of proposals:
(1) one proposal for this year has been submitted to receive funding. The deadline for submitting is April 15th and a decision will be made on April 15th. All proposal applications can be sent to Chandra Commer or Tomas Gomez.

E. Act of Intolerance Protocol:
Scott kier would like to proceed following through with the Act of Intolerance, he plans to become more involved because of faculty and the web-seminar speech codes.

F. Inventory Items:
The Inventory List has been created and will be used to categorize events to match the ODMI; building awareness, calendar opportunities, and developmental opportunities. The purpose is to use the list as a recording function that gives the opportunity to have people self-describe and build awareness. Potentially having a "diversity" tab on the Master Calendar to separate CCIE Sponsored events. Categories of events will be used to frame the ODMI. Possibly a CCIE newsletter will be created to show events that are coming up on the calendar. Early in May, a newsletter will be created, on a trial run basis, to update the community on what CCIE has done thus far and the Staff Activity Date being held on August 14th.

G. Road Show Updates:
Jane Camarillo did an overview with ASSMC and provided an inventory (The Educational Case Statement and Mission Statement) and activities of the CCIE. The two-day leadership workshop retreat was directly connected with the work of the CCIE. The workshop was about articulating roles and responsibilities, dealing with difficult conversations, conflict, and awareness building. A Professional Development piece will be offered and will be introduce to those who are invited.

III. Discussion Items

A. Our future work and organization:
The committee's organization will not change due to being a fairly new committee. The student workgroup facilitated by Mary McCall has convened and will meet again at the end of May. The students will run through exercises that the RA's will do with the students. Mary McCall would like to meet with the Academic Senate regarding the mandate of faculty training and meeting with Students who are in diversity clubs and hearing their perspectives on how to better support them. A graduate student will be invited to be a member of CCIE; this person will be here to serve as a different voice on campus, possibly a Lasallian Volunteer in September.

At the end of the term CCIE will plan:

• using the ODMI Diagnostic over the next year
• Next year planning for annual report out (starting with Senate)
• Working with groups that would like to inform us of Campus Climate beginning with Student Diversity Clubs
• Identify a couple of projects throughout the year starting with performance reviews.
• Potentially bringing the working groups collectively to do an ODMI training before the end of the Academic Semester


Next Meeting: Friday, May 8, 2009 11:30 pm -1:30 pm, Public Meeting, Orinda Room