Minutes for December 3, 2010

College Committee on Inclusive Excellence

December 3, 2010

Submitted by Chandra Commer

I. Welcome, Announcements: A summary of the climate survey has been edited and established. The revised version was provided to the Staff Council and the LGBQT Community regarding faculty, staff, and students.

The Office of the Registrar has developed a survey that had a high response rate. There were over 1500 surveys completed which received a 40% response rate from students. The strategy of personally emailing students and offering incentives will possibly keep the percentages high.

II. Minutes from the November 12, 2010: The minutes have been approved and will be posted on the website.

III. Funding Request: The committee voted on a request for funding from student and a Professor requesting funding for up to (5) Jan Term speakers in the amount of $2750-$3000. The classes are overenrolled and will be open to the campus with "Our Struggle" students having first choice. The funding for security when high profile speaker are present will be talked to with Frances Sweeney and the Jan Term office. The speakers that have been listed are Oscar Grant's Uncle, Dr. Bernard Lafayette, and Horace Small. There was a motion called for $3000 provisionally on how many speakers are hired and at least two have to teach during the time they are on contract during Jan Term.

IV. Review of CCIE Mission and Educational Case Statements: The educational case statement talks about why it is imperative to have inclusion while the mission document talks about how the inclusive imperative is congruent with our mission. It is specifically written to include inclusion and diversity with the mission providing a clear articulation of the direction that the institution needs to take in order to fulfill the mission.

V. Review of ODMI and organizational diagnostic: The Organizational Development Model of Inclusion shows that every organization is at a different place culturally. The ODMI provides the framework on how to change the culture. We have parts of campus where we are at prescribed inclusion but, the focus of the CCIE is to move out of exclusion and the perception of symbolic inclusion. The original plan for the structure of the committee included having Cabinet members who were responsible for making decisions on campus so that the committee has some authority for making change. The CCIE is also charged to monitor what needs to happen at the highest levels.

VI. Matching aspirational statements for inclusion to SMC's organizational structure : Excerpts from subcommittee strategic plans were divided into 4 groups(VP Student Life, Provost, VP for Enrollment, VP for Finance, and the President). The CCIE then matched aspirations and goals from the subcommittees with Cabinet members with who could provide support and have an effective outcome.

VII. Task Force: The task forces were reconfigured and divided focusing on aspirations and goals. They will focus on the outcomes and how to achieve them. There will be a discussion on how to overcome obstacles regarding achievement of the outcomes. Below are the Task Force groups:

VP Student Life
Jane Camarillo
Joan Iva Fawcett
Mary McCall
Denis Block

Beth Dobkin
Angelica Garcia
Br. Michael Avila
Corliss Watkins
Br. Richard Lemberg
Esteban Salinas?

VP Enrollment
Michael Beseda
Michael McKeon
Tomas Gomez-Arias
Scott Kier
Jamila Buckner

VP Finance
Eduardo Salaz
Sarah Vital
Tina Zhang
Sam Agronow

Carole Swain
Br. Richard Lemberg
Myrna Santiago
Denis Block
Barry Chersky
Donna Ubeda

VIII. Alignment of tactics to macro metrics: The taskforces will convene and decide on the metrics for their group. There will also be a meeting with the Brothers after the February retreat. After all work is completely drafted and approved by the Brothers, the initial work will be forwarded to the Cabinet.

IX. Meetings: January 28th the CCIE will have a regular meeting that will also serve as the deadline for all taskforce committees to complete their work.