Minutes for February 13, 2009

Submitted by Chandra Commer

I. Welcome and Announcements:

A: Funding Proposals:
All submitted proposals have been funded with the exception of one that needed to provide more information. The second funding cycle will begin on April 1st. Tomas Gomez will send out the deadline and update those who have received funding to submit a report supporting their proposal.

B. Tim Wise Visit:
Tim Wise, author of "White like Me", will speak on Wednesday, February 18, 2009 from 5:30-7:00 pm, LeFevre Theatre.

II. Discussion Item: Response to Ayers:

The College has received some positive and negative feedback due to William Ayers speaking engagement. A brief statement will be organized by CCIE that will provide an opportunity for dialogue to continue beyond Ayers visit. This will be an opportunity for alumni and students to see it from another perspective. Myrna Santiago, Lloyd Schine and Mary McCall will co-facilitate a discussion. The discussion will have a 3 part structure:

• A panel of people who have had experiences that they would like to share and each will give a brief opening statement about their experiences and values. Participants will be allowed to ask questions regarding the experiences.

• Provide a keynote address (possibly a speaker on civil engagement).

• Breakout groups where you can discuss the questions that are reported out based on the topic.
The point of the structure is to give you relived experiences, academic perspective on the thought process and a chance to process all that we have discussed in small groups.

III. Discussion Item: Workshop Function, Structure, Schedule:

A. Learning Outcomes & Developmental Curriculum: Common Denominations:
The common experience for people in a community is to provide a basic level of awareness
that we want to get out.

B. What do we have/what do we need:
Start with staff as the primary focus, rooted in Symbolic Inclusion, but leave it open to include all of the SMC community.

The workshops that CCIE has participated in will be tailored to suit SMC. Selected people will learn to facilitate the workshops by becoming licensed in a week long "train the trainer" session. Carole Swain, Beth Dobkin, Mary McCall, Emily Elliott, Tomas Gomez, Brother Donald Mansir, have volunteered to become the logistics sub-group that will be responsible for coming up with recommended facilitators and the steering committee that will provide resources and materials for the next 18 months. Senate will be updated by Robert Bulman.

IV. Updates

A. Road Show materials and schedule:
ODMI will be used in Leading a Diverse and Multicultural Environment. The Committee expressed that we needed a mechanism to gather information and to keep everyone up-to-date with what is happening on the campus. An Inventory list will be maintained by Chandra Commer that will have all events and materials that are gathered.

B. Acts of Intolerance Protocol:
The Act of Intolerance Protocol Committee, facilitated by Scott Kier, convened in mid-January to see where we are with the Act of Intolerance Protocol. The group is anticipated to convene again in the next couple of weeks to discuss modifying the protocol for all on campus.

C. Inclusive Excellence Posters:
Mary McCall, with College Communications, designed a poster to be viewed by SMC that shows who we are and what we stand for. After receiving feedback the Committee the poster will have revisions based on the appearance and will provide a series based on social identity categories, (i.e., race, religion, backgrounds, etc.) The posters will be posted in offices, residence halls and classrooms.

D. CCIE Website:
The Committee expressed that the CCIE website should be made more accessible to those viewing. Michael Beseda will make some changes with the graphic representation and will contain the Inclusive Excellence tab along with inventory, pictures at events, and an area where you can send information and resources.

V. On the Horizon:

For the future we need to think about what the next phase would be. Here are some topics that will be discussed:

o Our plans and objectives
o Government Structure – whether we will have terms or positions
o If the meetings will be opened to the public
o activities that we are to commit to