Minutes for January 9, 2009

Submitted by Chandra Commer

I. Welcome, announcements, and Lunch:
Lien Troung, a sophomore at SMC, joined the committee as a student representative. Lien, a sociology major, is currently a peer counselor with Residence Life, a member of the executive team for Asian Cultural night, a student worker in the Academic Advising office, and a High Potential Student.

II. Review and approval of meeting summary:
The notes have been reviewed and have been approved to be posted on the SMC website.

III. Updates

Tim Wise Visit:
Tim Wise, author of "White Like Me" will speak on February 18th. The library will create a theme display on "whiteness." Student Involvement and Leadership has designed a color flyer that provides information on the speaker.

IV. Discussion Items

A. ODMI assessment of our activities to date:
The Organizational Development Model of Inclusion, developed by Reuben Mitchell and Moises Baron, is a model that will be used as a foundation and framework to explain what we have completed in working towards Inclusion and what is being done in the spring. The model defines organizations in stages from Exclusion to Inclusion and can frame our activities as points in the process toward Inclusion. It also provides a way to acknowledge the complexities of the task as well as the duration of each task. The ODMI also has an assessment piece that can be used to help SMC to become familiar with the models. Ambassadors were assigned to reach out to various groups that convene on campus to update the groups on activities that the CCIE is involved in.

B. Climate Survey from Eduventures:
An analysis on the climate survey was prepared by Eduventures. An executive summary will be created to condense the information provided, and revisions will be made before it is viewed by the public. SMC is on track with the suggestions that were made by Eduventures.

C. Diversity workshop analysis and plans:
• December 5th public event: The event gave an opportunity to discuss any concerns and provide updates on past and future endeavors of the CCIE. The overall feedback was positive. Members decided that there should be mechanisms which provide a better way to take an inventory of activities. Regular venues were be listed where presentations are made; Senate, Staff Council, Chair meetings, ASSMC, etc. In big events (Awards Luncheon and Staff in-service Day) the CCIE will dedicate 20-30 minutes to discuss briefly the ODMI. A public event should be held annually for people to promote awareness about working toward Inclusion. There will be more advertisements to increase the number of attendees that participate in the event in the future.
• Catholic Identity Workshops: The workshop facilitated by Deborah Savage, PhD., provided awareness of the teachings and beliefs of the Catholic Church in a multi-cultural context. The shorter Catholic documents that spoke specifically on diversity and inclusion were enjoyed by participants. It might be helpful to have Brother Charles and Brother Donald co-facilitate a discussion that is from the teachings of the Cummins Institute and the Lasallian materials. In the spring, an intensive "train the trainer" workshop will be offered on a voluntary basis to make people aware and prepared for what is to come. We will discuss how to combine elements of this workshop with the ADL one at our next meeting.

Next meeting: Friday, February 13, 2009, Galileo 113