Minutes for March 13, 2009

Submitted by Chandra Commer

II. Updates

A. Inclusive Excellence Posters:
Mary McCall met with Bob Ciano and gave feedback on the poster, they will be working on Theme Posters that we start with "We Are," "Saint Mary's College" and themed around religion, gender, sexual orientation, social class, and ethnicity. The same uniformed format for all posters, with the content being different based on the theme for that week will be used. The posters potentially will be rolled out in the fall. Dependent on how many posters are designed a theme discussion along with a new poster to be posted based on that week's theme. The poster will be a CCIE sponsored project.

B. Tim Wise Follow-up:
Tim Wise coming to campus received a lot of positive feedback. With over 365 attendees, there was a concern that the talk of "White Privilege" was meant for male-oriented audience. With the audience being predominately women, the talk may need to be tailored to fit the overall campus. To make sure there is more participation, all groups on Campus should be invited to attend. Having Tim Wise speak would be a great orientation event for first year students and might in addition to the Faces of America program. Behind the scenes, a sub-committee should be created to ensure events are organized.

C. Funding of Proposals:
Reports have been received and reviewed from the first cycle of budget proposals. The next cycle deadline will be April 1st with the budget committee approving the proposals by April 15th. All faculty and staff have been notified and students will be notified by Scott Kier to turn in proposals.

D. Inventory Items:
An inventory list has been created to update the SMC community of all events on campus. The Committee will decide what is relevant to be included on the list as a CCIE sponsored event. There will be more details to follow.

E. Core Curriculum Learning Goals:
Minor revisions have been added and deleted to the Core Curriculum Learning goals. The goals are still open for debate and the Senate is generally favorable of the learning goals and will probably approve the goals within the next month. The committee will introduce a new set of potential core curriculum models in the next week for discussion. Each of the models will satisfy the learning goal in different ways.

III. Discussion Items

A. Ayer's follow-up – March 18 Event:
Kate Bowers from Residence Life and RA's will be hosting the FYE community time event, Wednesday, March 18th. There will be facilitators present to steer the discussion about issues that have been currently raised on campus; safe places for students to express their views, community responsibility, upholding personal and communal values and other team building exercises. A discussion facilitated by Bro. Donald Mansir regarding the three traditions will be discussed followed by two student members (Madelyn, sophomore and Danny, freshman) of the Senate discussing some policy concerns. All information retained will be posted on the CCIE website.

B. Diversity Workshop Plans:
Tomas Gomez, Emily Elliott, and Mary McCall met with Reuben Mitchell to discuss what an ADL training would look like. In order for us to be able to use ADL, Campus of Difference, training materials there will be between 20-24 faculty and staff chosen by CCIE to be trained in a Train-the Trainer model, 5 day program to be licensed by ADL. The purpose of the session is to be able to use the ADL's curriculum but in a way that suits our campus. Potentially in the beginning of August the training will begin with the workshops being rolled out in September when school begins. The sequence of the workshop will be the same for all Students, Staffs and Faculty with the flexibility being in the choice of individual exercises. Depending on what learning goals you would like to convey to the group will determine the length of each workshop. There will be a curriculum that everyone will receive as a part of the community along with learning goals that will fit each individual person.

Next Meeting: April 3, 2009, Galileo 113, 11:30-1:30 pm