Minutes for November 12, 2010

College Committee on Inclusive Excellence

November 12, 2010

Submitted by Chandra Commer

I. Welcome, Announcements:

The Committee welcomed Michael McKeon and Mary Kay Moskal to the committee.

Sam Agronow, Director of Institutional Research, will produce a summary of the past climate survey presentation showing data from faculty, students, and staff. It was found that in 1992 the comments and data are similar with the present survey.

Diversity Committee will be meeting Wednesday, November 17, 2010 from 5-6pm in the Intercultural Center.

Student Leaders, Stephanie Menjivar, Guadalupe Alaniz and Esteban Salinas (ASSMC Elected Official) will start attending meetings to have a student presence on the committee.

II. Minutes from October 8, 2010 meeting: The minutes from the meeting has been approved and will be posted to the CCIE Website.

III. Updates
A. Protocols for complaints involving faculty: A draft showing student concerns was drafted to show faculty conduct procedures in a one-page document referring back to the Faculty and Student handbooks. It is an easy to read document that displays concerns and outcomes to problems students may incur from faculty. It is still in the draft process and was intended to be communicated by faculty and staff. For questions or concerns please contact Eduardo Salaz, HR Director or Steve Cortright, Academic Senate.

B. Budget subcommittee: Four proposals were approved this academic year totaling $2720.00 that was awarded. Funds have not been utilized, if you have a proposal that you would like to receive funding for please contact Joan Iva Fawcett and/or the CCIE Committee. A criteria will be agreed on that will determine the marketing technique used to attract participants.

IV. Debriefing, open session with students on October 20, 2010: The CCIE met on October 20th to give an update on what the CCIE has done this past academic year. Sam Agronow, Director of Institutional Research, presented the climate survey; there was also break out groups encouraging small dialogue. Even though the meeting was during community time, there was low attendance with students. Due to the low participants the response rate effected engagement and interaction. Potentially having another presentation during Academic Senate will get better representation of students. FYAC will also look into having the presentation done during a class time.

V. Strategic Planning Process
A. Roadmap: CCIE will create and begin a strategic plan to develop diversity and inclusion goals. The ideas from the academic blueprint will mirror the strategic plan that exists. Comments or questions can be directed to Eduardo Salaz and Tomas Gomez-Arias. There will be a one-day retreat to discuss these goals.

B. Planning Session: December 3, 2010, the CCIE will have a retreat to discuss all work of the sub-committees.