Minutes for October 31, 2008

Submitted by Chandra Commer

I. Welcome, Announcements, and lunch:

A. The Intercultural Center had a safe zone training in Delphine. Students commented that knowing that the Acts of Intolerance Protocol is in place made them feel safe. The training was done by Maria Capitelli and a student panel. The Intercultural Center will repeat the safe zone training for Public Safety.

B. The Staff Council held a public meeting where a discussion took place about the protocols.

C. The re-painting of the SMC sign has gained support from the Executive Committee and the ASSMC; it has also made the students feel supported by the faculty and administration.

D. On November 8th, the Alumni office and the Delphine Intercultural Center are hosting an Alumni Diversity Celebration honoring Mary McCall, Paul Giurlanda, and Brother Michael Avila. It is a combination of a variety of celebrations to bring groups together.

E. In Delphine during November, Robert Bulman's, Social Movement class will have a presentation that shows interviews from women of the Women of Color Resource Center that has given awards to community activists.

F. An ally poster will be created tailored to the SMC community. Michael Beseda will work to create wording suited for St. Mary's College including the Inclusive Excellence message with the 1st line of the vision statement being conveyed.

II. Review and approval of meeting summary:

The notes will be submitted Wednesday to post on the website.

III. Updates

A. Budget Committee:
The criteria to submit proposals will be amended with revisions made to the Call for Proposals document. Deadlines for submitting proposals will change each year. This year, the fall deadline is December 1st. The subcommittee will meet between the deadline date and December 5th, before the semester concludes. The proposal document will be circulated to the SMC community by the following:

- Senate – Brother Charles Hilken
- Deans – Beth Dobkin
- Student Organizations – Scott Kier
- Staff Council – Mel Hunt
- Faculty – Robert Bulman
- Campus Bulletin – Robert Bulman & Beth Dobkin (co-facilitators)

B. Final Climate Survey Report:
The Climate survey is ready for distribution and will be posted in the Campus Bulletin. CCIE will release the results from the Climate Survey on the Bulletin. All tables from both the 2006 survey and the existing climate survey report will be posted regarding the mission and commonalities of students, faculty and staff.

IV. Discussion Items

A. Diversity workshop analysis:
The workshop was held on Friday, October 17th and was presented by the ADL. There are concerns on if this particular workshop will best suit the SMC community. Overall the workshop was deemed as well-packaged, and it would not be difficult to train others. Specific recommendations are:
1. Concentric circles: This was a good team-building exercise and lets people practice listening. It sets the tone for the rest of the day.
2. What is Culture?: This part is to easy to critique; faculty will "tear it up" (particularly the visual representation). We might want to instead provide a working definition that separates race and ethnicity, or use Reuben's definition from a previous workshop. This should also be presented in the context of Saint Mary's culture.
3. Diversity Iceberg: Does create some general awareness about what you don't know; interesting to think about collisions that happen "below the water line." This could also be nuanced to include Saint Mary's-specific implied cultural norms.
4. Identity Molecule: This one is a good general purpose exercise but probably better for staff and students than faculty. Faculty would focus too much on definitions of "dominant" and "subordinate." Perhaps this could be framed as "privilege" and "power" more clearly for faculty. The group thought that the power of this exercise depends largely on the skill of the facilitator(s). Participants should be able to keep their "molecules" private. The molecules do allow for self-reflection.
5. Eye of the Beholder Video: There was a suggestion to update this by using "A Girl Like Me." However, many group members thought that this video ("Eye") was particularly powerful in illustrating how prejudice can influence classroom performance and self-esteem. For faculty in particular, the video might be supplemented with a reading by Claude Steele.
6. One Person/Many Roles: This exercise felt unsafe to some members of our group. One suggestion was to do this with clickers; we could do an anonymous self-inventory of incidents and our roles in them. We also wanted more attention to positive interventions/skill-building exercises for responding to incidents of bias.
7. Pyramid of Hate/Pyramid of Alliance: Randy thought that this would be really good for students. It might be good for staff, too, because it illustrates the potential significance of seemingly small and innocuous statements and behaviors. Myrna suggested that this be presented as the "ideology of hate," because as presented it oversimplifies the causes of genocide. The group in general wanted more time for this – particularly the alliance part – so that it could be personalized and owned by participants.

V. New Business

C. A public event :
An open forum for the SMC community will held on December 5th. The agenda for the discussion includes updates on the work of the CCIE committee, funding proposals, and the climate survey. A Campus Bulletin will update CCIE activites such as the climate survey report, the Acts of Intolerance Protocol, workshops, budget proposals, and other updates. The event will be held on December 5th, facilitated by Robert Bulman, Beth Dobkin, Mary McCall, Randy Menjivar, Mel Hunt, and Tomas Gomez.

Next Meeting: Friday, November 7, 2008 11:30-1:30, Trustees Board Room.