Minutes for October 8, 2010

Submitted by Chandra Commer

I. Announcements: Campus of Difference has been receiving low numbers in participants. Staff have gone through the workshop while Faculty has been slow to participate. Supervisors will be reminded of the priority of the workshops in hopes of getting more faculty and staff to participate. Campus of Difference sets the tone for events to happen on campus. A list of people who have not attended will be submitted to supervisors of staff and Chairs and Dean's of Faculty.
Upcoming retreats will be requested from Cabinet with the intent of eventually requesting that all retreats address diversity and inclusion goal and planning, perhaps as ½ day, leader-led mini sessions.
On October 12th, Sam Agronow will present the Staff Climate Survey of 2006-2008-2010 during Staff Council focusing on morale. The presentation can be found on the IR website at http://www.stmarys-ca.edu/about-smc/institutional-research/surveys/campis-climate-surveys.html .
The Resource guide is being finalized and will be sent out in draft form in a couple of days electronically.
"Inclusive Excellence" and placement on the website is being dicussed.
The Cummins Institute is hosting Montini Fellow, Father John Haughey, who will speaking October 12th about Talk and Exchange: on Catholic Liberal Education in the 21st century.

II. Minutes from September 10, 2010meeting: The minutes were reviewed and have been approved to be posted on the CCIE website.

III. Procedures for student-initiated courses: When the "Our Struggle" events occurred, the CCIE developed a procedure where students can initiate courses during Jan Term. There have been difficulties to get this running; Program Director, Suzi Weissman, and the Jan Term office have been working to offer a course that is student initiated. The office is working on logistics to have this as a travel course. Guidelines and Procedures need to be established in advance for students so they know that this is a regular process consistent with Jan Term operating procedures. The content of the "Our Struggle" course will be a combination of politics, economics and urban development looking at neighborhoods developed in low income areas of local communities.

IV. Protocols for complaints involving faculty: A flow chart will be created to know how to deal with complaints regarding faculty. It is at the preliminary stages and will be used as an informational piece to show how to deal with these types of protocols. There is an introductory paragraph referring to the informal stages of resolutions and the chart will include language found under grievances and student conduct consistent with handbooks of students, faculty and staff.

V. Strategic Planning Process:
A. Subcommittee Membership: New members have been assigned to and will convene in their subcommittees. The full membership of the subcommittees can be viewed on the CCIE Website.
B. Alignment with Blueprint: The Subcommittees have been asked to revisit their aspirational goals and see how they align with the Blueprint.

VI. Update on IESAC and IEFAC: The IEFAC is now chaired by Maria Ruiz. Robert Slaughter is the chair of the IESAC and a charge for the group is still in progress. Freddie Silvera, ASSMC President will meet with Beth Dobkin and discuss the creation of a Vice President for Diversity as part of the student government structure. Maria Ruiz, new IEFAC chair, will be invited to attend the next CCIE meeting.
VII. Open Session with Students: October 20, 2010, the CCIE along with students will meet during community Time. Sam Agronow will be doing a presentation on the Climate Survey of 2006-2008-2010. The agenda and structure of the meeting will be talked about via email amongst CCIE members. There will be an email that will go out to remind staff and faculty to attend.

Next Meeting: October 20, 2010 – CCIE Student Shared Mission Event.