Minutes for September 10, 2010

College Committee on Inclusive Excellence

September 10, 2010

Submitted by Chandra Commer

I. Introduction of new members: Beth started with introducing our new members; Tina Zhang, Donna Ubeda, Denis Block, Steve Cortright, Brother Michael Avila, Michael McKeon and Samuel Agronow. There will be 3 undergraduate students to fill vacancy for representation on CCIE. Angelica Garcia and Jane Camarillo will talk with Stephanie Menjivar, IESAC and Freddie Silveria, ASSMC President and Lien Troung to follow-up with them serving on the committee.

II. Orientation and Communication: Beth provided the committee with orientation materials; The 2010 Climate Survey, the ODMI model and strategic planning piece were included.

III. IESAC membership and updates; IEFSAC: CCIE last spring wanted to formulize a liaison relationship with two groups, The Student Inclusive Excellence Advisory Committee (IESAC) and the Inclusive Excellence Faculty Staff Advisory Committee (IEFSAC). The IESAC that was created after "Our Struggle", was established to have student involvement on issues of inclusiveness. The IEFSAC was created as a focus group that would help with issues on campus regarding WASC accreditation. Beth has met with the IEFSAC's chair person, Christa Kell but will have a new point of contact who has yet to be name. The IESAC point person is Robert Slaughter and they have met but don't have a formal structure. The charge of the IESAC should be completed by next week.

IV. Minutes: There has been a six-month gap in minutes that have been posted on the CCIE website. Chandra Commer will be in charge of taking notes for the rest of the school year to make sure meeting notes are posted on the website.

V. Climate Survey: WASC will receive a 2-3 page follow-up to the climate survey that was done in 2010 from the SMC Community. There were areas of concern from students, faculty and staff that gave extreme responses to the survey regarding demographics and discrimination. A follow-up to the survey will be done with members of the community. Staff Council will have a meeting to discuss the surveys responses from staffs and some areas on campus on Monday, October 12th in Hagerty Lounge. There will also be a follow-up at the Academic Senate meeting. October 20th, CCIE will be updating the community on what has been done this past year and also discussing key points taken from the survey (i.e. key comparisons, faculty morale and how we can make staff, faculty and students feel more inclusive).

VI. Sub-committee Structure and Leadership: CCIE sub-committee facilitators will convene to produce 1 document that has 4 areas that each committee will be charged with. To avoid overlapping, the facilitators will meet to come up with key areas that will not repeat in each sub-committee.

VII. Upcoming Meetings: October 20th in Moraga, there will be an Open CCIE meeting that will be a student shared event to discuss the work of the committee, the climate survey, and where we would like to go in the academic year.

VIII. Other: Last November, the community discussed partnering with the Cummins Institute to discuss Catholicity. Fr. Dennis Holtschneider, President of DePaul University, will be on campus September 27th and will be available for dialogue.