Minutes for September 12, 2008

Submitted by Chandra Commer


Please keep Beth Dobkin in your thoughts and prayers. Until hearing from the students, we will hold off on contacting other students who may be interested. Tim Wise, Author of "White Like Me", will be at SMC, February 18th, 5:30-7:00 pm, CCIE has agreed to loan the money for the deposit to hold the spot, Shawny Anderson has agreed to contribute a portion. Brother Donald Mansir will pursue having Deborah Savage host a workshop on Diversity & Inclusive Excellence, the workshop tentatively will be held on November 21st from 9-4. After having the two workshops (Deborah Savage and the ADL workshop), we can decide what will be a better fit for faculty and staff.


Jeannine King has joined the CCIE. Ivan Pagan will be resigning, due to teaching obligations; Corliss Watkins will be his replacement.


The vision statement and notes from the last CCIE meeting will be posted to the website after corrections are made to the High Potential Program.


A. Book Groups:
Fall book groups will convene soon with 29 members. 2 different groups will be meeting Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and are in need of a co-facilitator. The Summer Reading Groups will be invited to participate. Jennifer Pigza will be facilitating "How to Talk About Hot Topics on Campus"; emails will be sent out with schedule dates and times. Book groups will be advertised to include students. Angelica Garcia and Joan Cube have volunteered to co-facilitate the "White Like Me" reading group that will be open to students, staff and faculty, leaving it open to join any of the 3 groups.

B. Contacting Inclusive Excellence Partners:
Co-facilitators need to creatively keep their working groups in the loop about convening. Core Curriculum Task Force will convene diversity initiatives. When groups convene, CCIE will need to know when you will be meeting. For next agenda, short/long term goals need to be discussed.

V. Discussion Item

A. Acts of Intolerance Protocols:
Changes to the Protocol will be discussed in a private meeting, to ensure that the language is not contradictory to the handbook. All of the Protocol can be added to the website with the exception of the faculty and staff areas that will be omitted but will soon be added to the online version of the student handbook.

B. Educational Case Statement:
The case statement targets the whole community and will post via the website. Questions that have come up are is this external imperative and whether or not the WASC report should be included. The imperative is rooted in our mission and not in the WASC report, this could be helpful. The external fact does not negate the fact that we have a mission; our history needs to be acknowledged. The draft will be revised to include 2 documents; an introductory letter, reminding us of the mission and the educational statement that will change from external imperatives to external contexts. The core of the document will focus on internal imperatives. Suggestions, comments or language can be emailed to Robert Bulman, who will incorporate them into the next draft.

C. ADL needs Assessment:
The ADL assessment is due Monday, September 15th, questions on the survey were distributed among the group.

D. Climate Survey Report:
Language regarding the outcome of lower response rates will need to be altered. The contextual interpretation will be changed to tackle heighten sensitivity. In regards to statistical interpretation, side notes will be displayed to give a better understanding of the summary. The outstanding pieces will be at the beginning of the report as the executive summary.

VI. New Business

A. Budget sub-committee:
The budget committee will be responsible for reviewing request in relation to co-sponsoring and spending funds. Recommendations should be made from smaller group but decisions should ultimately be made from the group as a whole. The sub-committee principles will be established by the larger group and the vision of the group. The sub-committee members will consist of Mary McCall, Joan Cube, Scott Kier, Tomas Gomez and a student will be appointed for the last slot. On next agenda, thoughts about process will be discussed by the sub-committee.

Next Meeting: September 26, 2008, 11:30am-1:30pm, Trustees Board Room